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Opencascade Expression Interpreter by Flex & Bison

Opencascade Expression Interpreter by Flex Bison[Email protected]Abstract. Opencascade provide data structure of any expression, relation or function used in mathematics. Flex and Bison is tools for building programs that handle structured input. They were originally tools for building compilers, but they has proven t

Books and notes in flex and bison-Preface

XML parsing and custom protocol parsing have been widely used recently.CodeThe automatic generation tool can generate code, which is of course more advantageous and saves time and effort. Therefore, we decided to use the free time to learn about gsoap, flex, Bison, and some XML parsing tools. So I bought a book and got this note. Bytes -------------------------

Use the bison and flex tools [zz]

Here is an example of creating a simple calculator using bison:Http://www.cs.berkeley.edu /~ Maratb/cs164/bison.html Using the bison and flex tools to learn how to compile is far more efficient than simply reading a book and writing it yourself.ProgramMore vivid. In this way, you will not waste effort on processing complex characters, regular expressions, and f

Co-compiling flex and Bison programs under UNIX systems

Flex is a lexical parsing program, and Bison is a syntax parsing open source program. Together, they can parse the language of some computer scripting language, such as SQL. This time I mainly introduce the build of flex and Bison under Unix system.Look at the Flex code firs

Debugging of Flex and Bison

Official website and documentation (SourceForge I often encounter an inaccessible situation when using, do it yourself, you know) flex:http://flex.sourceforge.net/Document: http://flex.sourceforge.net/manual/ bison:http://www.gnu.org/software/bison/Document: Https://www.gnu.org/software/bison/manual/html_node/index.html The versions I am currently using are:

The implementation of the c compiler, the use of flex to achieve string recognition, the use of bison to achieve ast syntax tree construction, flexbison

The implementation of the c compiler, the use of flex to achieve string recognition, the use of bison to achieve ast syntax tree construction, flexbison I accidentally found a very interesting project on github. It uses flex to recognize strings, uses bison to construct the ast syntax tree, and directly uses ast for c

Use flex and bison to compile the logo language compiler

I just returned to school yesterday and did not do anything for a long time. I learned how to use flex and bison. Logo language is a simple drawing language, because it is easy to use and interesting, many elementary schools were also used as computer enlightenment courses earlier. Currently, this program has implemented basic commands and supports nested loops. Function definition is not implemented. The f

Better error handling with Flex and bison

Although it is easy to use Flex and Bison generators, it is difficult to make these programs produce user-friendly syntax and semantic error messages. This article describes the error handling features of Flex and Bison, and shows you how to use them, and then describes some of their flaws in detail. Brief introductio

Flex & Bison rules to be noted

1. the binary mode of flex The syntax analyzer matches as many strings as possible during input. If both modes can be matched, match the earlier mode in the program.In terms of understanding this, in the syntax analysis file, token recognition, it should be written in special to general procedures (in order to add logs to print the currently split token for debugging), for example, in the process of implementing syntax analysis, when the lexical

SQL engine resolution implemented using flex and bison

Due to the teacher's request, the recent implementation of the oceanbase stored procedure does not support the stored procedure until oceanbase 0.4. The main steps of the implementation include1. Syntax parsing2. Lexical analysis3, the specific implementation of the syntax tree stepsNow let's start with the syntax parsing, which is mainly used by the flex (Lexical analyzer generation tool) and Bison (parser

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