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About Netflix OSS and Springcloud Netflix

Netflix OSSNetflix is an Internet streaming media player and a US video giant, and as Netflix transforms into a cloud computing company, it is also actively involved in open source projects.Netflix OSS (Open source) is a set of code frameworks and libraries developed by Netflix to address some of the interesting issues that can arise with distributed systems on t

Netflix's path to micro-service evolution

mechanisms (usually HTTP).The Netflix Task Micro service must have the following capabilities:Separation of concerns of the service:A service can not process user information, and processing order information, services to achieve modularity, and the need to encapsulate the internal interface, to provide services externally.Horizontal scalability of the service:Can the service be scaled up smoothly? How long does it take to extend a service? How do yo

Starting with DVD rental, Ride Hastings how to create Netflix

He used to be a soldier in the United States Marines. It was only 10 dollars left in his pocket, but it was just a ride across Africa. He was born noble family, a gifted family, with ancestral mathematical talent, his grandfather was The wolf on Wall Street, his father was a lawyer, a two-year high school math teacher. But in the end it was devoted to the film and television industry.30 years old, he was pampered, indecisive, do not know how to manage, gain money but lost his heart, after 30 yea

Shares surged 20% by 10 billion, and the father of the House of Cards, Netflix, was 12 times times more likely than his competitors.

"Read the original"Nan Bambu10Month -World-renowned network video platformNetflixthird-quarter results were announced and the number of new users was357million people, higher than expected50%, Revenue22.9billion, growth over the year31.7%, net profit is5150million dollars, up from the year75%. After the financial results were issued,Netflixshares soared, rising more than20%, the company's market capitalization has increased by nearly -a Billion! 650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wy

Go: Netflix Referral System Contest

Original link: Netflix Recommendations:beyond The 5 stars (Part 1), (Part 2)Original Xavier Amatriain and Justin BasilicoTranslator: Big KuiObjectiveNexflix is a company that offers online video streaming services and DVD rentals, and is also the initiator of the famous Netflix Grand Prix. If readers want to learn more about Netflix, it's recommended to read an a

How to watch Netflix in Ubuntu14.04

It is easy to watch Netflix in Windows. You can use a web browser or desktop program, but this is different in linux. This is not feasible by default in linux, because Netflix needs MicrosoftSilverlight, and because it is "Microsoft", it is obvious that it cannot be used in Linux. So Netflix cannot be used in Linux? Of course there is a way. In this article, we w

Netflix has used Chrome on Ubuntu to support the Linux platform.

For users who need to watch Netflix on UbuntuLinux, they finally don't need to use tedious solutions. Now, with Google's Chrome browser, movie tulinux users can directly watch streaming media programs on Netflix. The minimum required software version is Chrome37 and Ubuntu12.04LTS or 14.04LTS. But why can't Netflix be viewed directly on Ubuntu? For users who need

Netflix supports native playback on Ubuntu

** The native Linux support for Netflix we mentioned last month is very close. Now we can enable HTML5 video streams on the Ubuntu Desktop in just a few simple steps. Netflix now provides more support. It hopes to bring out-of-the-box Netflix playback to Ubuntu. Now you only need to update the NetworkSecurityServices (NSS) service library. Native

Netflix officially open source its API Gateway Zuul 2

Tag: Service component Image error introducing logical Service Set concurrent host scheduleOn May 21, Netflix announced the official open source MicroServices Gateway component Zuul 2 on its official blog. Netflix is a model for the MicroServices community, with successful applications for large-scale production-grade microservices, as well as a significant number of micro-service components (see GitHub hom

Learn these four tricks, you don't worry about watching Netflix video on Linux

Guide A new Linux distribution has been installed on your computer and you are fully prepared to use free open source Office software to handle long hours of work. But you might ask yourself: "Isn't it fun to do anything but work? I just want to watch the Netflix video!"Here are four ways to see Netflix on Linux, and the pros and cons of each approach. In Linux, to function or to choose, as you choose,

How Netflix is recommending movies to 40 million of users

Tiger Olfactory Note: This article from the Love Fan Son network, tiger sniffing carried out related edits. in the age of explosion, intelligent recommendation is born. Content providers can make more personalized recommendations by making more detailed analysis of the user's preferences. Alexis C. Madrigal of the Atlantic website reveals the truth behind Netflix's film and television recommendations through in-depth analysis of the Netflix film Class

Spring Cloud Netflix overview and architecture design

About Spring CloudSpring Cloud is a complete framework for implementing microservices based on spring boot. He provides components such as configuration management, service discovery, circuit breakers, intelligent routing, micro-proxies, control buses, global locks, decision-making campaigns, distributed sessions, and cluster state management required for micro-service development. Most importantly, working with the Spring boot framework will make it very convenient for you to develop a cloud se

Spring Cloud Netflix overview and architecture design

Pring Cloud is a full-service framework for implementing microservices based on spring boot. He provides components such as configuration management, service discovery, circuit breakers, intelligent routing, micro-proxies, control buses, global locks, decision-making campaigns, distributed sessions, and cluster state management required for micro-service development. Most importantly, working with the Spring boot framework will make it very convenient for you to develop a cloud service for your

(8) Netflix's asynchronous transformation of API gateways--Response Spring's Path wizard

This series of articles index the "Response Spring's word Wizard"Previously summary Spring Webflux Quick Start | Spring Webflux Performance Test1.4.3 Netflix's asynchronous caseThe first two sections, through Gatling and simple examples, have seen the performance strength of the spring Webflux server and client, and on this basis, it is not difficult to understand the case below.Netflix is the United States streaming media giant, the world's largest toll video site, Obama also chase, Xi also men

Netflix announces Personalization and Referral system architecture

Netflix's recommendations and personalization features have always been accurate, and shortly before, they announced their own system architecture in this area.March 27, Netflix engineer Xavier Amatrain and Justin Basilico The official blog post, introducing their own personalization and referral system architecture. At the beginning of the article, they pointed out: It's not easy to develop a software architecture that can handle massive amo

A summary of Netflix's micro-service architecture design experience!

Migrating to a micro-service architecture can bring exciting opportunities to the company's marketplace because it brings faster new feature launches for users. You know that the success of your future company depends on whether you migrate to a micro-service architecture, but how you do it. Fortunately, some early micro-service practitioners have generously shared their micro-service practices and contributed to the source code. Adrian Cockcroft–netflix's cloud architect, he saw

Netflix does not officially support Ubuntu

Linux Ubuntu users have been unable to watch Netflix on Ubuntu for several years. To see Netflix, many users have already created complicated solutions, such as installing a virtual operating system on Ubuntu. Now, Ubuntu users can directly watch Netflix by setting Firefox and Microsoft's Silverlight. This process is not as simple as downloading and installing pl

Spring Cloud Netflix architecture (Summary), cloudnetflix

Spring Cloud Netflix architecture (Summary), cloudnetflix Recently, I have been familiar with microservices and have some knowledge about this. I 'd like to share with you.1. Microservice framework Spring Boot + Spring Cloud Spring Cloud is a complete microservice implementation framework based on Spring Boot. It can be said that Spring Boot is the framework and Spring Cloud is the microservice, together constitute a new framework that cannot be ignor

Exception Server Detection Technology Used by Netflix

Exception Server Detection Technology Used by Netflix In the early morning, half of our technical support team was still investigating the cause of Netflix's error. The system seems to be running normally, but we cannot find anything wrong. After checking for an hour, I finally found a problem with a server in the data center. We have been looking for any obvious problem, and there are tens of thousands of servers in the data center, so we ignored thi

The classification algorithm in the eyes of Netflix engineering Director: The lowest priority in deep learning

Original: http://blog.jobbole.com/87148/Editor's note "for an old question on Quora: What are the advantages of different classification algorithms?" Xavier Amatriain, a Netflix engineering director, recently gave a new answer, and in turn recommended the logic regression, SVM, decision tree integration and deep learning based on the principles of the Ames Razor, and talked about his different understandings. He does not recommend deep learning as a u

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