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Flex FAQ (from MM)

Document directory   Flex Overview Flex Builder Flex, ColdFusion, and JRun Flex and Flash Flex and Flash Remoting Flex roadmap, price, toolkit, and other related technologies Trial and developer versions of Flex Flex Overview

Flex is what Flex introduces _flex

Flex usually refers to Adobe Flex, which was originally released by Macromedia in March 2004, based on its proprietary Macromedia Flash platform, which covers support for Ria (Rich Internet applications) The development and deployment of a series of

More than 60 flex development reference websites are recommended

Document directory Beginner's guide: Application collection, articles, blogs, popular applications and useful resources: More than 60 flex development reference websites are recommended   Below are some good flex development websites or flex

The top 10 things you shoshould know about flex)

  The top 10 things you shoshould know about flex Submitted by schalk neethling on Mon, 2008/09/29-8:45 AM Flex is getting a lot of buzz lately. A lot of people may be interested in using it just because they 've heard good things, but they

10 points you should know best in flex

1. Redefinition: Flex is a Web Standard Mxml is the standard language for flex applications. It allows developers to develop applications.ProgramArchitecture, including not only the presentation layer but also the class structure. This is easy

Best practices for integrating flex into Java EE applications

Http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/java/j-lo-jeeflex? S_tact = 105agx52 & s_cmp = tec-csdn   August 05, 2009 Traditional Java EE applications usually use some MVC framework (such as struts) as front-end user interfaces. With the rise of FLEX,

Integrate Macromedia Flex and Java

Today we use the j2.ee server to develop Internet applications, usually including a presentation layer such as struts, tapestry, webwork, or spring. These tools generally follow the Model-View-controller (MVC) structure and output them to the

Flex discussion --- who do you choose from the big talk client, flex and Ext?

Taking this title will inevitably lead to childishness and ridicule. The root of my heart is not comparing the two, because whether the two are comparable is itself a question. however, recently, companies with friends have been worried about UI

13 Reasons for Java programmers to learn flex and blazeds

This article outlines the 13 Reasons Why Java programmers shocould learn flex and blazeds. it talks about why flex with blazeds is one of the best choices for developing rich Internet applications (RIAs)-from highly interactive websites to

Introduction to the Flex framework

When we are learning a technology, we are always accustomed to look at the name of this technology is the abbreviation of which English words. Examples of this are many, such as ASP is the abbreviation for Active Server Page . But looking for a

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