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Flex interview questions

1. use flex bulider3 to create a new one. the Default background of the mxml page is blue. How can I modify the background color so that the background is not the default blue color at the next creation? Please write out the method that you think is

Three methods for interaction between flex and java: Flex calls Webservice

There are multiple methods for Flex to call Webservice. You can use the tools provided by Flex Builder to manage Webservices to parse the WSDL document and generate a local call class. You can also use the Webservice class in Action Script. The

Flex 4 SDK source code analysis!

If you want to reprint it, Please retain your copyright:/** Description: pv3d class inheritance Architecture * Auther: chongchong-innocent blue* MSN: chongchong2008@msn.com* Blog: chongchong2008* Dates: 2009-06-02* Copyright: chongchong2008

Flex string comparisons and flex string Operations _flex

The simplest way is to use the ">", "=", "There is also a very powerful trace (); To tell the truth, use less, hehe, but in the coding process the experiment is used quite a lot. In fact, Flex is converting these characters into ASCII code to

Differences between substr and substring In Flex

The difference can be seen from the literal meaning: String. substr (START: Number = 0 Len: Number = int. max_value): String String. substring (START: Number = 0, end: Number = int. max_value): String   Substr parameters: Start

Flex Study Notes _ 07 basics of ActionScript 3.0 programming _ data types, operations, and procedures

  7.3 data types and operations 7.3.1 Data Types When a variable or constant is declared, its data type must be specified: Native data type: the language itself provides: String, integer, Boolean, etc. Complex data types: composite types composed of

12 common flex function Codes

1. Copy content to system clipboard System. setclipboard (strcontent ); CopyCode 2. Copy an arraycollection // Dummy solution (well, it works) VaR bar: arraycollection = new arraycollection

Flex gets URL parameter exception (Error #2060)

Workaround: Chrome is running on the server to get the value, open locally will report a security sandbox exception (Error #2060)1Privatefunctiongetparameter (name:string): string{2 if(externalinterface.available) {3

Flex reflection tool class (very practical)

Package COM. shine. framework. core. util {import flash. utils. describetype; import flash. utils. getdefinitionbyname; import flash. utils. getqualifiedclassname; import flash. utils. getqualifiedsuperclassname; import MX. utils. nameutil; import

Front-End Basics Notes

Www.zhangxinxu.comWww.caniuse.com1:html: What is displayed.3:js: Interactive.4:doctype:document Type document types.5: Selector:Tag Selector: 1;class selector; 10ID selector: 100 (weight value can be superimposed, but as long as there is an ID

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