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Loss of float and double accuracy in "Go" Java programs

Original URL: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_827d041701017ctm.htmlQuestions raised: 12.0f-11.9f=0.10000038, "Lose The Endless" why?An explanation from MSDN:Http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/c151dt3s.aspxWhy floating-point numbers may lose precision

Deep understanding and application of Float attributes, deep understanding of float attributes

Deep understanding and application of Float attributes, deep understanding of float attributesI. Features of Float 1. Applied to text-centered Images 2. Create a block-level box 3. Multi-column floating Layout 4. The width and height of the floating

Detailed description of float Type errors in mysql

I don't think many of my friends will use the float type in mysql, especially when we use money, we may use double precision, we know that the float type of mysql is a single-precision floating point type, which may cause data errors accidentally. I

MySQL under Float type use some error explanations

Think a lot of friends are not how to use the float type in MySQL, especially when it comes to money we may use double precision, we know that the type of float of MySQL is single precision floating point type is careless will cause data

Loss of precision in Java float type subtraction operation

Package test1;public class Test2 {/*** @param args*/public static void Main (string[] args) {Float xx = 2.0f;Float yy = 1.8f;Float tt = XX-YY;System.out.println ("tttttt-----" + TT);}}Sure enough, the result is: TTTTTT-----0.20000005Again testing

Why is the Java float double precision lost? On the problem of floating-point precision in Java "turn"

Due to improper use of float or double, there may be an issue of loss of precision. The problem probably can be understood by the following code : [Java]View Plaincopyprint? Public class Floatdoubletest { Public static void Main (string[] args)

Storage of float and double data on computers

1. Scope The float and double ranges are determined by the number of digits of the index.The float index has eight digits, while the double index has 11 digits. The distribution is as follows:Float:1bit (symbol bit) 8 bits (index bit) 23 bits (tail

Storage calculation of FLOAT data structure in C language

1. Learn about the float storage structure float storage structure see another article http://blog.csdn.net/whzhaochao/article/details/128858752. Float maximum value float structure such as: To obtain a positive maximum value, that is, the sign bit

Mysql under Float type use some error detailed _mysql

Single-precision floating-point numbers are 4 bytes (32bit) representing floating point numbersUses the IEEE754 standard computer floating-point number, in the interior is uses the binary system to representFor example: 7.22 with a 32-bit binary is

Usage error of float type in mysql _ MySQL

Usage of float type in mysql bitsCN.com A single-precision floating point uses 4-byte (32bit) to represent a floating point.A computer floating point number that adopts the IEEE754 standard is represented in binary format internally.For example, 7.22

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