float network byte order

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Network byte order

BYTE-order, as the name implies the order of bytes, and then say two more than a byte type of data in memory storage order (a byte of data of course there is no need to talk about the order of the problem). In fact, most people in the actual

Java byte order (byte sequence conversion for network data transfer in different languages) __java

Big-endian (large byte sequence, high byte order)Little-endian (small byte order, low byte order)Host byte orderNetwork byte orderJava byte order1. Big-endian, Little-endian are related to multibyte-type data such as the Int,short,long type, but

Byte order-size end

From: http://blog.csdn.net/yilin54/article/details/5683654 BIG-ENDIAN (large byte order, high byte order)LITTLE-ENDIAN (small byte order, low byte order)Host byte orderNetwork byte sequenceJava byte order 1. Big-Endian, LITTLE-ENDIAN is related to

Byte order in Network Communication

Communication between programs is actually sending and receiving data streams. We generally regard bytes as the smallest unit of data. Of course, a byte also contains 8 bits ). In a 32-bit processor, the "font length" is 32 bits, that is, 4 bytes.

BYTE-order aligned with byte

I. Network byte order and host byte order1. Big-endian and small-end storageBig Endian: High-low address. Conform to the normal thinking of human beings. The network byte order uses the big-endian (the network transmits is the byte stream).Small end

A detailed explanation of the byte order-about Big endian and Little endian

I. Basic Concepts Bit concept: in a computer, a 0 or 1 is called a bit ). Byte: the continuous eight bits are called one byte, And the byte is the minimum unit that can be processed separately by the computer. In bytesIt is the basic unit to explain

byte array byte[] and integer, floating-point data conversion--java code

The recent communication between C + + sockets and Java sockets involves the transmission of integer floating-point numbers. You need to restore the data from the byte array and look up some information. Summary for example the following1. Machine

byte array byte[] and integer, floating-point data conversion--java code

Recently in the C + + socket and the Java Socket Communication program, involving the transmission of integer floating point number, need to restore data from a byte array, check some information, summarized as follows1. Machine representations of

Byte order big-Endian & Little-Endian

Byte order big-Endian & Little-Endian2007-06-19 1. What is byte order?It refers to the order in which data is stored in the memory. Generally, a storage unit is 1 byte by default, and a logical data such as float is 4 bytes, the order of

Deep understanding of Java I/O Series II: Byte stream details

The concept of flowThe Java program completes the input/output through the stream. Flow is the abstraction of production or consumption information, and streams are linked to physical devices through Java input and output, although the physical

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