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iOS Development Tips (Series 18: Extended Uicolor, hex color settings supported)

Create a new category named Uicolor+hex, which indicates that the Uicolor supports hex hex color settings.Uicolor+hex.h file,#import#define Rgba_color (R, G, B, A) [Uicolor colorwithred: ((r)/255.0f) Green: ((G)/255.0f) Blue: ((B)/255.0f)

Various types of python conversion-int, str, char, float, ord, hex, oct, etc.

Int (x [, base]) converts x to an integer long (x [, base]) and converts x to a long integer float (x) convert x to a floating point complex (real [, imag]) to create a plural str (x). Convert x to a string repr (x) convert object x to expression

[No000066]python various types of conversion-int,str,char,float,ord,hex,oct, etc.

int (x [, Base])#convert x to an integerLong (x [, Base])#convert x to a long integerFloat (x)#convert x to a floating-point numberComplex (real [, Imag])#Create a complex numberSTR (x)#convert an object x to a stringREPR (x)#convert an object x to

Python standard library: built-in functions hex (x) and pythonhex

Python standard library: built-in functions hex (x) and pythonhex This function is used to convert a hexadecimal string representation of an integer object, such as the 0x format. If the object is not an integer, define a method ___ index _ () to

Float Data Type

Float Data Type To learn a language, you must lay a solid foundation. The previous knowledge may be boring, but it is very important to lay a solid foundation for us, be sure to master basic common operations for int, float, long, String, list,

IOS hex string converted to Uicolor

/** * 16 binary converted to Uicolor * * @param stringtoconvert Hex String * * @return Uicolor*/+ (Uicolor *) Hexstringtocolor: (NSString *) stringtoconvert{NSString*cstring =[[Stringtoconvert stringbytrimmingcharactersinset:[nscharacterset

Qt int, float, double to qstring

Qt int, float, double to qstring There are two ways of 1. Use Qstring::number (); Such as: [CPP] View plaincopyprint? 1. Long A = 63; 2. QString s = Qstring::number (A, 10); s = = "63" 3. QString T = Qstring::number (A,). ToUpper (); t =

Color convert hex color in iOS to Uicolor

Available categories write a convenient use+ (uicolor *) colorwithhexstring: (nsstring *) color{ nsstring *cstring = [[Colorstringbytrimmingcharactersinset: [ Nscharactersetwhitespaceandnewlinecharacterset]] uppercasestring]; //String should be 6

Hex color conversion to iOS can be used for Uicolor

//Uicolor+transformation.hContactapp//Created by Gongdongdong on 15/9/11. Copyright (c) year Lan technology . All rights reserved. //#import @interface Uicolor (transformation)+ (Uicolor *) Transformat: (NSString *)

Python for 0x conversion of float/double

1. The problem arisesA small problem has recently been encountered, namely: Read the contents of the text file, then convert the number appearing in the file (including double, int, float, etc.) to 16 binary 0x storage Originally

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