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Comparison of foreach and while loops in php _ PHP Tutorial

Comparison of foreach and while loops in php. Foreach and while are both loops in php, so what is their difference between foreach and while loops, and that performance will be better, next, I will introduce the differences between foreach and while

To explain the nested use of C + + do While loops and loop statements _c language

Using Do-while statements to form loopsThe Do-while statement is characterized by executing the loop body first, and then judging whether the cyclic condition is tenable. Its general form is: Do statement while (expression); It

Looping statements in C #: While Loops and for loops (i)

if we want to do a lot of things, say we want to output hundreds of numbers, one output of the words not only cumbersome and time-consuming, inefficient. In this case, C # provides us with a much simpler way to output the loop. There are many types

A comparison of for, while, foreach loops in PHP ____php

In the process of using PHP as a programming language, we often encounter situations where a piece of code needs to be executed multiple times. Then you need to use the PHP loop. PHP offers three different types of loops for you to use in the right

Examples of while, Do...while, for, foreach four loops

in PHPWhile loop , the number of times the code block is executed, or the loop executes the code block when the specified condition is true. ------------------------------------------------------------- When we write code, we often need a block

Python Learning lesson--for and while loops

While loop While loop, is a combination of loops plus judgment, satisfies the judging condition to return , True (true) starts loop code block , false (false) does not loopWhile loop main structure:# !/usr/bin/env python # -*-coding:utf-8-*-

Python-while loops and for loops

One, while loopA while loop must have a counter. Satisfies the loop condition that executes the loop body until the condition is not satisfied and ends the loop. When a while loop corresponds to an else, the loop executes after the normal

Comparison of foreach and while loops in php

Foreach and while are both loops in php, so what is the difference between foreach and while loops? The performance will be better. Next I will introduce the differences between foreach and while loops and the performance comparison, for more

For,while,until of Shell Loops

I. INTRODUCTIONIn shell programming, circular commands are used to control the execution of certain statements under certain conditions, and in programming languages, loop statements are one of the most basic syntaxes, and are no exception in the

Record today learning python for and while loops usage for break and continue

There are two main loops for and while in Python, where two different interrupt usages for both loops break with continue.First look at the following loop code:1:1 for in range: #变量i带入for循环, 0 to 10 cycles through the rang () function 2 if i==

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