for in 1 n loop oracle

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ORACLE-34-IF statement, Case statement, loop Loop, while loop, for loop

One, if statementIn PL/SQL, keywords such as if, then, else, elsif, endif are used to perform conditional logicSyntax format:if conditions 1 Then Statement 1elsif conditions 2 Then Statement 2Else Statement 3End If; Example 1: Practice If

In-depth understanding of Oracle Tables (3): Three table connection methods nested loop Join and Sort Merge Join

In -depth understanding of Oracle Tables (3): Three table connection methods nested loop Join and Sort merge JoinCategory: Oracle Foundation Management Oracle SQL Development2013-01-28 00:332536 People readComments (1) CollectionReport       offThe

Oracle RAC migration under VMware causes CRS-1006/CRS-0215/CRS-0233

Recently, the Oracle 10g RAC migration under the virtual machine, after the migration is completed, the Oracle cluster resource VIP cannot start normally, received the CRS-0233: resource or relatives are currently involved with another operation

Oracle Table Connection-nested loop nested loop join

I. Nested loop principleNested loop connection (loop nested connection) refers to a two-table connection, which is followed by a two-tier nested loop to match sequentially, and finally gets the table join method that returns the result set.If the

"Oracle cluster" 11G RAC detailed tutorial on RAC on Linux using NFS pre-installation Preparation (vi)

RAC pre-Installation for NFS on Linux (vi) Overview: write down the original intent and motivation of this document, derived from the Oracle Basic operating Manual of the previous article. The Oracle Basic Operations Manual is a summary of

Comparison between MySQL and Oracle: Four-condition loop statement: mysqloracle

Comparison between MySQL and Oracle: Four-condition loop statement: mysqloracle Loop statement No. Category ORACLE MYSQL Note 1 IF statements use different IF iv_weekly_day = 'mon 'THENIi_weekly_day: =

Oracle table join-nestedloop nested loop join

Oracle table join-nestedloop nested loop joinI. nested loop PrincipleA nested loop connection is a two-layer nested loop that matches two tables in sequence and returns the table join method of the returned result set.In the following SQL statement,

Syntax basics of keep CT: usage examples of while, for loop, and if statements

= Two for loop statementsFor {set I 0} {$ I Incr I 1. Note that this parentheses must be written at the end of this line: ARGs: shocould be "for start test next command".........................} Q: Can I change the number I specified. For example,

Oracle--case, while, loop, for

1. Case Expressions in Oracle(case condition when expression 1 then result 1 when expression 2 then result 2 [else result n]end) as Alias2. Simple loop LoopsLoop to execute the statement;        Exit when/* Condition satisfied, exit Loop statement */

On Oracle logical Backup, data pump backup and cold backup

Logical backup (Data migration):Backup in Logical StructureMove data across usersMoving databases across databasesSave the original data state for the testVersion upgrade of a databaseConsiderations for Logical Export:EXP program in the directory

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