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[Android programming experiences] Implementation of Camera (OpenCV) Auto Focus and touch focus

initialization function that can be used in onCreate. Because the OpenCV library is used here, the init () function is called only after the OpenCV library is loaded and determined successfully. Explanation When a touch event occurs, MainActivity implements the OnTouchListener interface, so it calls the override onTouch function and passes the second parameter MotionEvent to MTCamera to locate the Touch Location. The focusOnTouch function of MTCamera continues to work. It calculates the size o

Perfect solution for Android WebView text box to get focus after auto zoom problem

focus, Android zooms back to the original mode, looking at the source code:/** * Called in response to a message from WebKit telling us, the soft * keyboard should be launched. */private void Displaysoftkeyboard (Boolean istextview) {Inputmethodmanager IMM = (Inputmethodmanager) GetContext (). Getsystemservice (Context.input_method_service); Bring it back to the default level scale s

Android realizes auto focus on mobile camera _android

How to achieve the auto focus of the Android camera, and it is continuously autofocus. Of course the direct call to the system camera is needless to say, that is very simple. Let's take a look at how to implement a camera on your own and achieve automatic continuous focus. The code is as follows: public class Mai

Implementation of autofocus-----loop Auto-focus for Android camera

Reference: Http:// uses the gravity sensing method has realized to realize the Android camera autofocus, is not difficult, But it will take a bit of effort to achieve automatic, continuous autofocus. This is where my research ideas and solutions are recorded. To achieve auto-focus, the method is as follows:First : The

Android auto-focus photography

specify the Photo size. Camera. setparameters (parameters ); Camera. setpreviewdisplay (surfaceview. getholder (); // you can use surfaceview to view the video. Camera. startpreview (); // start previewing Camera. autofocus (null); // auto focus Photo response Private final classTakepicturecallbackImplementsPicturecallback { @ Override Public voidOnpicturetaken (Byte[] Data, camera ){ Try{ Bitmap bitma

Developing a camera program for auto focus and resolution setting

. STREAM_SYSTEM, ToneGe Nerator. MAX_VOLUME);} if (g3_setting.getBoolean (AppData. g3_CONFIG_AUDIO, true) {tone. startTone (ToneGenerator. TONE_PROP_BEEP);} else {tone. stopTone (); Vibrator vibrator = (Vibrator) context. getSystemService (Service. VIBRATOR_SERVICE); vibrator. vibrate (100) ;}}; minor episode: determines whether the system sound can be disabled [html] File file = new File ("/system/media/audio/ui/Camera_click.ogg "); if (! File. canWrite () {Tools. showToast (context, "the set s

"Android Car System News | Tech 2 "News Google development new car system!" Android Auto is not the end of 2014-12-20

This year, Google launched Android Auto, a car Android, designed to provide entertainment, navigation, and other functions. Android Auto, however, is not the end point, and now news reports that Google is developing a vehicle-mounted And

(turn) perfect solution for Android WebView text box after getting focus automatically zoom in on questions

Perfect solution for Android WebView text box to get focus after auto zoom problemA few days ago when writing a project, a webview was required to embed in the projectIt was done soon, and the test was no problem. But when they were sent to Singapore, they would have a text box focus when they tested it, and the page w

Google will focus on Android Studio and abandon Eclipse+adt

Last week, Android's official blog released a statement: Google will end its development of Eclipse+adt and stop support at the end of the year, shifting its focus completely to Android Studio. For many Android developers who use Eclipse, they must accept a new IDE. According to Google, Android Studio is very smart and

Android: TextView achieves the text drive effect (the spoofing system gets the persistent focus)

Android: TextView achieves the text drive effect (the spoofing system gets the persistent focus) In general, we need to set this setting in the xml file to achieve the effect of text drive lights. I will not explain what everyone understands. SingleLine: boolean indicates whether to display text only in one row rather than multiple rows. Ellipsize: Scroll effect, which includes (none, start, middle, end,

Android custom camera for autofocus and manual focus _android

) Findviewbyid (; Surfaceview.setfocusable (TRUE); Surfaceview.setonclicklistener (this); Surfaceview.setbackgroundcolor (Trim_memory_background); SurfaceholdeR = Surfaceview.getholder (); Surfaceholder.settype (surfaceholder.surface_type_push_buffers); Surfaceholder.setkeepscreenon (TRUE); Surfaceholder.setfixedsize (400, 300); Surfaceholder.addcallback (this); @Override public void surfacedestroyed (Surfaceholder holder) {//TODO

Android Design Screen when there is edittext when you cancel the boot automatically get focus call system Input Method

relativelayout xmlns:android = "" Xmlns:tools = "Http://" Xmlns:app = "Http://" Android:layout_width = "Match_parent" Android:layout_height =" Match_parent " android:focusable = "true" Android: Focusableintouchmode = "true" Add the last two

Android camera autofocus with touch focus implementation

1. Auto FocusIn the Param set before and after the preview Setfocusmode (); for Camera.Parameters.FOCUS_MODE_CONTINUOUS_VIDEO or Camera.Parameters.FOCUS_MODE_AUTO , it is recommended that the latter be used. Note When this method is called, calling Camera.autofocus () again causes the focus to failRefer to this article Touch FocusTouch

Android itself defines dialog and implements the ability to lose focus (background transparency)

, theme);//Todo auto-generated constructor stub} @Overrideprotected void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {//Todo Aut O-generated method Stubsuper.oncreate (savedinstancestate);//Remove Activity title Requestwindowfeature (window.feature_no_ TITLE); Setcontentview (r.layout.dialog); Set Title ImageView = (ImageView) Findviewbyid (;}}Before the implementation. I have experimented with the method of setting flag in dialog,

Android Intermediate Nineth talk-camera focus

blog from:, reprint annotated source!All Rights Reserved! Camera Focus: Principle, use vertical seekbar, according to user drag to get distance, and then set to camera in the form of parameter. Implement Onseekbarchangelistener /** (Non-javadoc)** @see* Android.widget.seekbar.onseekbarchangelistener#onprogresschanged (Android*. widgets. SeekBar, int, Boolean)*

How does Android implement the status of the wireless loop slide of the focus graph?

and right side view @overridepublic Object instantiateitem (view arg0, int position) {/ /TODO auto-generated method stubint posi = position% myviewpager.imageresid.length;//Each time a new view is added, it is a bit resource-intensive, but there is no conflict. And in the process of view switching, useless views are destroyed. ImageView Ximageview = new ImageView (mcontext); Ximageview.setbackgroundresource (Myviewpager.imageresid[posi]); Android.vie

Setting controls in Android get focus

In Android, to get the focus of the control, you need to setfocus it first and then Requestfocus.Take button as an example:Btn.setfocusable (TRUE);Btn.setfocusableintouchmode (TRUE);Btn.requestfocus ();Btn.requestfocusfromtouch ();Get a lost focus listener Btn.setonfocuschangelistener (New Onfocuschangelistener () { @Override public void Onfocuschange (View

"Android" You may not know the support (a) 0-step Auto-directed refresh: SortedList

Reprint please indicate the source: article is from: "Zhang Xudong's Blog" ( Portal: If you like, point to a star. Thanks a lotHttps:// Background:I'm going to write a series that explains the collection of useful tool classes that are commonly used or unpopular in Android support packages.Recently leader was optimizing the l

Two ways to implement the Android text Auto-scrolling (marquee) effect [especially so]

= "Wrap_content"Android:text = "Test Marquee. “Android:textcolor = "@color/black"Android:singleline = "true"Android:ellipsize = "Marquee"Android:marqueerepeatlimit = "3″Android:textsize = "18SP"/>Android:id = "@+id/date_text"Android:layout_width = "Fill_parent"Android:layout_height = "Wrap_content"android:layout_gravity = "Bottom"Android:textcolor = "@color/gray"Android:text = "2010/05/28″Android:textsize = "12SP"/>The above example of 2 TextView combination as a view, because the set linearlay

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