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Windows forfiles (delete historical files) and Windows forfiles

Windows forfiles (delete historical files) and Windows forfilesIntroduction Forfiles is a batch DELETE command that comes with windows. It is a good option to determine the time by modifying the date attribute of the file itself and use it to delete

Windows forfiles (Delete history files)

IntroductionForfiles is a batch delete command that comes with Windows, it is a good choice to judge the history file by using it to judge the time by the modification Date property of the file itself.Grammarforfiles [/P Path] [/M searchmask] [/s] [/

Automatically backs up files and folders with batch files and automatically deletes files n days ago _dos/bat

The next is the batch of the backup, added to the scheduled task, set the time to run automatically Copy Code code as follows: @echo off REM Format Date REM date is "2006-02-22 Wednesday" and cannot be used directly, so you

Batch delete files or list files with

Automatically delete files from a few days agoWindows 2003 2008 Test PassesUse the Forfiles command to find data from a few days ago.Several parameters of Forfiles:/p is the path to the search. In our case, we're going to find the directory in which

Automatically delete the batch processing of files in the specified folder n days ago

@ Echo offif not exist D: \ delfiles goto eofrem defines the folder 'array' set folders [0] = folder1set folders [1] = folder2set folders [2] = folder3rem if D: \ delfiles: to change the folder, modify the above 'array' set SDAY =-3rem to delete the

CMD command reference

Http:// A-Z index of the Windows cmd command line ADDUSERS Add or list users to/from a CSV file ADmodcmd Active Directory Bulk Modify ARP Address Resolution Protocol ASSOC Change file extension associations• ASSOCIAT

Windows Utility Scripts

Organize a few more command tool scripts that are used on everyday windows.Delete all files in directory and directory@echo onCD/D E:\testFOR/R%%s in (., *) do rd/q/s%%s\ new FolderExitREM Deletes all the specified folders under a directorySecond,

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