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How to decompress and decompress the zip file in Python and crack the password of the zip file

This article describes how to compress and decompress the zip file in Python and try to crack the password of the zip file. It provides a simple example of using the zipfile module, for more information about how to compress and decompress

Excel file password forgot what to do?

For those who do not want to be seen, many people like to encrypt Excel files, but if not for a long time, you may have forgotten the password. Excel file forgot password What should I do? Excel password files, recommended using the software "Office

Python hack zip file with password protection

Today, a funny thing happened, a friend issued a password-protected zip file to me, but do not give me the password, I wonder how this can ' guess ' to the password?After a series of attempts, we finally use Python to ' guess ' the passw

Python and hack zip file password hack

[, arcname[, Compress_type])Acrname is the name of the file in the compressed file, which, by default, is the same as filenameCompress_type exists because zip files allow compressed files to have different compression types. 1.4 Zipfile.extractall ([path[, member[, password]])path to unzip the directory, nothing to say

Example of using Python brute force to crack zip file password method

Through the python built-in zipfile module to extract the zip file, add material to complete password cracking. This article mainly introduces the use of Python brute force to crack the zip file password of the relevant informatio

Python zip file password blasting

#!/usr/bin/env#Coding=utf-8ImportZipFileImportThreadingImportOSImportSYSclassCrackzip:def __init__(self): Self._result=NonedefRun (Self,zfile,password):Try: Zfile.extractall (pwd=password)Print("Found Passwd:", password)Print('password=', password) self._result=Passwordexcep

Phone forgot to lock the screen password how to do? phone forgot lock screen password solution

program will automatically lock screen password to crack the process, and finally successfully cracked, you can see the password has been cracked.   Second, Android mobile phone unlock scheme Method 1: Use Google account If you fail to unlock multiple times, the hand opportunity asks you to try again after a few minutes. At the bottom there's "

mysql5.6 initial password location or forgot password

Tags: change password password forgot password update mysqlInitial Password:mysql5.6 Initial password file location:/root/.mysql_secretLog in to MySQL, modify the password:Update users set Pas

MySQL reset root password encountered pit (forgot password)

, re-login: mysql-uroot-p Prompt to enter a password, then enter the password to log inI, go back to the My.ini configuration file Remove "Skip_grant_tables", and then restart MySQL(2 ) to specify parameters directly from the command "Skip_grant_tables "Start MySQL , and then execute the command change password (with 1

What should I do if I forget my MySQL password ?, Forgot MySQL password,

What should I do if I forget my MySQL password ?, Forgot MySQL password, What if you forget the root password of the online MySQL database one day? You will often think of the skip-grant-tables parameter. The specific steps are as follows: 1. Shut down the MySQL database. mysqladmin cannot use the root

Oracle forgot the sys/system/scott user password. How can I reset the oracle password ?, Scottoracle

Oracle forgot the sys/system/scott user password. How can I reset the oracle password ?, Scottoracle I used the oracle database today, but I found that I forgot my previous password. I did not enter the correct password. So I foun

MySQL forgot password login do not go in, with the command to modify the new password re-login method

MySQL forgot password login does not go in, with the command to modify the new password re-login method: 1. Back up My.ini2. In the My.ini field [mysqld] #socket = Mysqlskip-grant-tables Save My.ini This file and then close, restart Mysql3. Go to your MySQL installation directory (for example, my D:\software\mysql\MySQ

Ubuntu server forgot password, single-user mode change password can not go to the desktop helpless

password in the desktop will be black screenAfter a black screen, panic, and then I press Ctrl+alt+f5 (you can try F1 to F6) into the command line modeAgain with the new password login pcat, it is possible, and then want to enter the graphical interface again, enterStartXUnfortunately, the report:inch file /home/pcat/. XauthorityI thought for a long time, also s

MySQL database change password & forgot password

Tags: mysql database change password forgot passwordMethod 1 : with SetPassword CommandMySQL -urootmysql> SET PASSWORD for ' root ' @ ' localhost ' = PASSWORD (' Newpass ');Method 2 : With mysqladminif Root Password has been set, using the following methods mysqladmin-u roo

Forgot password? Password cracking for SHIDA vswitch

I. Network Environment: The company uses a 3500 series vswitch (with a specific model of 3548) to connect a Huawei 2621 vro to the vswitch and access the Internet through optical fiber cables of China Telecom. Because I forgot the password, I tried to crack it. 2. preparations: Because the entire work needs to be disconnected, after all, operations such as restarting the switch are involved, so the time is

Forgot password How to change the password

If you use the MySQL database to forget the account password, you can adjust the configuration file, the way to skip the password to log the database,In the database to modify the account password, the general default account to ask RootEdit MySQL configuration file my.cnfNo

Forgot the root password of MySQL, how to reset the password

Tags: linux mysql windows forgot passwordIntroduction:MySQL sometimes forget the root password do not panic, you can reset the password without the original passwordLinux:1. Edit MySQL configuration file my.cnfVI/ETC/MY.CNF #编辑文件, find [mysqld], add a line below Skip-grant-tables[Mysqld]Skip-grant-tables: wq! #保存退出Serv

Mysql forgot password + phpadmin change Password cannot login

MySQL Sometimes forget the password what to do? I give a case and a description!The actual operation under Windows is as follows1. Close the running MySQL.2. Open the DOS window and go to the Mysql\bin directory.3. Enter Mysqld--skip-grant-tables carriage return. If the message doesn't appear, it's right.4. Open a DOS window again (because the DOS window is no longer moving), go to the Mysql\bin directory.5. Enter MySQL return, if successful, a MySQL

Linux forgot root password How to change password and multiple Linux mutual use key connection

configuration file that changes the host name directly, you can restart the host to see the changed host name.1.15.4 cloning machine using the Xshell key can also log in, because the key is the same, you need to change the password on the line.1.16linux machine log in with each other1.16.1 using Xshell to open our two Linux machinesWe make the "w" Command View momoco-02 has several terminalsWe then use mom

Linux forgot root password How to change password and multiple Linux mutual use key connection

1.13 Single-user mode If you forget your Linux password, you can change the password in single-user mode. The premise is that we need to know the grub password (or grub has no password) and if you don't know the grub password then use rescue mode to change the

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