fork in shell script example

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Summary of fork, source, and exec in Shell (including environment variables)

Summary: three methods of executing shell scripts, fork, source and exec, are summarized.  Prerequisites 1. any program we run is a child process generated by the parent process. After the child process is completed, it is returned to the parent

Introduction and usage of Linux C language fork () and EXEC functions

What if we wanted to call 1 shell scripts or execute 1 Bash shell commands when we were writing 1 C programs? In fact, the header file contains 1 function system () that calls the shell command or script, and it is convenient to simply pass the

Basic shell script syntax

I. Basic Shell syntax1. VariablesBy convention, Shell variables are composed of uppercase letters and underscores (_). There are two types of Shell variables:Environment VariableEnvironment variables can be transmitted from the parent process to the

Debug a program with fork in GDB

IBM developer articles are good, there is no saying that the use of GDB multi-process debugging Tian Qiang ( ),Software Engineer, IBM China Software Development CenterIntroduction:GDB is a common debugging tool in Linux. This article

Shell Q & A for Centos Operating System Programming

When we talked about the number of scripts being executed in CU a few days ago, we found that we knew little about how to execute commands in shell... thank you for your advice! In addition to being inaccurate in some places, his statement is

A brief analysis of the symbolic text of shell script knowledge _unix Linux

Shell The shell also has a way of executing commands called batching (Batch), in which the user writes a shell script, which has many commands that allow the shell to execute the commands one at a time without having to hit the command one by one.

Shell 13: What is shell?

Before introducing what shell is, let's review the relationship between users and computer systems. We know that computer operations cannot leave hardware, but users cannot directly drive hardware, hardware drivers can only be controlled through a

The difference between a point command in the shell and the source command

The difference between a point command in the shell and the source command1 shell script Execution methodsThere are two ways to execute shell scripts, one is to create a new shell, and then execute the corresponding shell scripts, one that executes

[Z] Point commands and source COMMANDS IN SHELL

1. shell script execution Method There are two ways to execute shell scripts. One is to generate a new shell and then execute the corresponding shell scripts. The other is to execute the shell in the current shell and no longer enable other

Fully interpreting Linux environment variables

Fully interpreting Linux environment variablesI. Overview Environment Variable: Bash shell uses a feature called "environment variables" to store information about shell sessions and work environments. It allows you to store data in memory, this

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