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Unzip. tar.gz error Gzip:stdin:not in gzip format tar:/child returned status 1 Tar:error are not recoverable:exiting now

Recently studied shell programming, need to download some. tar.gz files, but often encountered decompression failure situation:[Email protected] ~]# TAR-JXVF tcl8.4.16-src.tar.gz bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 File.tar:Child returned status 2tar:

About (gzip: stdin: not in gzip format tar :...) Problem Solving

I encountered the same problem as below, so I found the corresponding solution article on the Internet, as follows: Extract some. tar.gzThis occurs when a file is in the format of gzip: stdin: not in gzip format tar: Child returned status 1 tar: due

Samsung NOTE4 full Model General Brush Machine Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy Note4 is Samsung's flagship model this year, while maintaining excellent performance while also bringing a number of features, but as an Android phone, it is inevitable to brush the machine to make the phone more streamlined,

Common compression and decompression commands in Linux

The compression formats commonly used in Linux are. zip. gz. bz2. tar.gz. tar.bz2One,. zip1. Command formatZip compressed filename source file name (zip file to current directory)Zip-r compressed file name source directory name (compressed directory

Common CentOS commands

Common CentOS commandsCommon commands Pwd: view all current paths Cd ../go to the root directory Restart linux with reboot Make compilation command PREFIX path specifies the path to which the installation is located Ls displays all

Linux Reference Note 4

I. Administrative authority and Attribution 1. Permissions Overview Document Attribution owner (U): The user owning this file/directory-user belongs to Group (g): The group that owns this file/directory-group other users (o):-other access rights

Linux compression/decompression methods

Unpack in 01-.tar format: [******** unzip tarxvffilename.tar package :[*** Unpack in 01-.tar format: [********] $ tar xvf FileName.tar package: [********] $ tar cvf FileName.tar DirName (note: tar is packed, not compressed !) 02-

Linux compression commands

Linux is commonly used in compression commands, if it is a folder to add-R, unzip 2.gzip (the source file disappears after compression) gzip + source File GZIP–C ABC > abc.gz (-C command prevents the source file from disappearing). Note: In

Tar, 7z (7zip) compression/Decompression command, 7z7zip

Tar, 7z (7zip) compression/Decompression command, 7z7zip This document describes how to use tar and 7z commands.Tar command In Linux, the most commonly used compression/Decompression command is the tar command. The tar command is used to package the

Summary of Common Linux commands

1: Turn off firewall: Chkconfig IPtables off2: View file contents: Cat/more/less/head/tail3: Compress and Decompress files: Zip: gzip file name/Bzip2 file nameDecompression: gzip-d/gunzip bzip2-d/Bunzip4:tar command: Compressed: GZ format, tar czf

Linux Learning Notes (20) file compression zip compression, tar package, package, unpack

One, zip compressionInstall Zip and unzip firstYum Install-y Zip/unzipzip 1.txtCompressed file 1.txt, compressed filename is called zip -r 123/Compressed folder 123/specified name unzip 1.txt.zipThe zip file

"Linux Learning note six" compression decompression command

All compressed files must be written in compressed format extension. zip Format compression#压缩文件zip compressed file name source file # compressed directory zip-r compressed filename Source Directory # extract Unzip compressed files  . gz format

Use of tar and 7z (7zip) compression/Decompression commands

This document describes how to use tar and 7z commands.Tar command In Linux, the most commonly used compression/Decompression command is the tar command. The tar command is used to package the structure of multiple files/directories. In actual use,

Various compression and decompression tools in Linux

Unpack in 01-.tar format: [********] $ tar xvf filename.tar package: [********] $ tar CVF filename.tar dirname (Note: tar is packed, not compressed !) 02-.gz format decompression 1: [********] $ gunzip filename.gz decompression 2: [********] $

Linux Common commands

First, the command basic format Command prompt -[[email protected] ~] #含义Where: (1) Root: Current login user (2) localhost: hostname (3) ~: Current directory (home directory, you can find the current location through the PWD command.)

LINUX the next day

Directory (operation of Linux files)

Struts2 Exploits common Commands

Lsb_release-a Kernel Version System versionThe processor architecture of the Arch Display machine (1)UNAME-M Display the processor architecture of the machine (2)Uname-r displaying the kernel version in useDMIDECODE-Q Display hardware system

Linux Common Command collation

System Information1. Uname-a-r-n-M-a-all; Print all information in the following order, except omit-p and I if unknown:-S, kernel name; print kernel name-N, node name; The host name of the print network nodes-R, kernel release, printed kernel

Linux Review Notes 1__linux

1.Linux strictly case-sensitive 2.Linux all content is saved in file format, including hardware 3.Linux file type is not dependent on extension Compressed package *gz, *.bz2,*.tar.bz2, *.tgz, etc. Binary package: ". RPM" Script file

15 Useful Linux/unix Tape management instructions

Tape devices should be used only for timed file archives or for transferring data from one server to another. The general tape device is connected to a Unix machine and manipulated with Mt or MTX. It is strongly recommended that you back up all of

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