fortify static code analyzer

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How to use Clang Static Analyzer,

How to use Clang Static Analyzer,IntroductionClang In a macro sense, Clang is a project name. Like GCC, Clang is a lightweight compiler for C, C ++, and Objective C. It is part of the Clang project. Compared with GCC, Clang compilation is faster and takes less memory. Clang's error message and warning information are more accurate and clearer than GCC. In addition, Clang is a library-based modular desi

PHP static analyzer: phan

PHP static analyzer: phan is a PHP static analyzer. It needs to load the PHP-AST extension PHP7. Of course, you can analyze the code written by any version of PHP. However, phan is not suitable for production. Features: Check the calls and instances of undeclared fun

Oacr-Microsoft auto code review (Microsoft Automatic Code Analyzer) 1

After a program is written and compiled, the running results may be correct, but there are potential problems. Oacr (Microsoft Automatic Code Analyzer) helps you analyze possible problems and security risks in software statically. It can be used to analyze drivers and applications. View the analysis result of an oacr: Warning: The strncpy function has security risks. For details, see Microsoft Official

Establish standard coding Rules-Customize C # code Analyzer

1. Download the Visual Studio Parser template plug-in for Roslyn (VS2015 or VS2017)Https:// Visualstudioproductteam.netcompilerplatformsdk I later queried the official note vs2017 already embedded this feature want to start developing in C # and Visual Basic? Download Visual Studio, which has the latest features built-in. There is also prebuilt Azure VM images available with Visual Studio already installed. Roslyn (Https:// C

Summary of static code analysis tools

Parasoft At the same time there are other static analysis code products, such as: C++test ...For more information please check the website Flawfinder C + + Open source \ C, C + + program security audit tools written in Python,You can check for potential security risks.

Java Static Detection Tool/java code specification and quality check Brief introduction

Static check:Static tests include code checking, static structure analysis, code quality metrics, and so on. It can be done manually, give full play to people's logical thinking advantages, can also be automated with the help of software tools. Code Inspection

Clang &ios Static Code analysis tool Scan-build

has already been analyzed uses scripts to generate configuration information automatically, you will most likely need to run the configuration script through Scan-build to analyze the project.For example:This configuration script needs to be run in Scan-build because Scan-build can scan your source files by intervening in the compiler. Scan-build Set the environment variable CC to Ccc-analyzer. Ccc-analyzer

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