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Tens recorded Discuz forum results in optimized notes for MySQL CPU 100%

Tens record of Discuz forum led to MySQL CPU 100% optimization Note In March 2007, I wrote an article on solving a MySQL server process CPU usage 100% Technical Note ( 20070307.htm), when it comes to resolving a MySQL

Tens records Discuz Forum leads to Mysql CPU 100% optimized notes _mysql

It was found that the host ran several Discuz forum programs, and several tables of the Discuz forum also had this problem. So smoothly together to solve, CPU occupancy down again. A few days ago, a friend through this article found me, said he is

Discussion on how to optimize SEO in forum

Now a lot of webmaster choose to use the forum to build stations, because more convenient, as long as the construction has a certain popularity, the work of the day is just very easy to manage posts and users, do not need too much article editing

Use cookies to achieve the Lightning Login Forum Method _ Application Skills

Method One: Use cookies, once and for all Cookies through IE "file-import and Export" to the login information through cookies to save (AO This feature mobile MS can not be used), has seen someone wrote that "FALSE" space after the "10********"

Discuz Forum details

Turn: of thousands of Discuz! Learn more about Discuz! I am familiar with Discuz! In the process, I will write my personal experience to you by the way. The content of this post

Graphic Explanation: Discuz Forum Optimization Foundation set first bomb

Discuz believe stationmaster friends will be very familiar with, almost we stroll most of the forum is to use this procedure to do, to engage in SEO industry webmaster friends are more familiar with, outside the chain most published is the forum.

Discuz website Building station Operation Essential Plugin

DiscuzThe interface is perfect, the developer is friendly, has the rich plugin resources, can highly customize the forum service which belongs to own style. but with nearly 4,000 plugins in theDiscuzApplication Center, the small white webmaster How

Minimal browser: Smart plugin makes reading easier and more enjoyable

The minimal browser is an optimized reading browser tool designed and developed for iOS phone users, and the minimal browser is able to seamlessly integrate a common website into a single, self-developed smart transcoding engine and the ACP plugin

How to do the website to share several

How to increase the user experience of a websiteThe current network promotion is more and more attention and attention of the enterprise, the number of websites is multiplied exponentially, want to do a good site from the beginning of the user

Discuz Forum Speed Optimization Techniques

Discuz is one of the most popular stations in the building station source, in addition to open source also has a very powerful backstage, even if it is not built station Foundation and do not know the code of the webmaster can quickly set up a forum,

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