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Error message about "Gmail has been registered globally"

In the past two days, many friends told me that Google has opened the right to register Google Mail globally. I have confirmed that at least registration is not available in China. Since Gmail was launched three years ago, most countries have been

38 tips to make you a master of Gmail

Gmail tips come, Google likened Gmail users to ninjas, according to your use of Gmail features to divide the Ninja's four levels: Leucorrhea Rookie: Use asterisks to mark important messages. Chat reply. Use labels to organize your mailbox. Use "

38 tips to make you a master of Gmail

Four levels: White belt cainiao: Mark important emails with asterisks Chat reply Organize your mailbox with tags Use "move to" to clear your inbox, just like moving to a folder. Search for emails without sorting them out

I applied for a Gmail mailbox to experience ing

I accidentally saw a hot discussion of Gmail, and quickly applied for one (no trouble ). GB space, with a small increase in Nb/per second. The speed is faster than MSN. emails are classified by traditional content, but the new style of sessions

Is Google's native Gmail app about to log on to iOS?

MG sigrad revealed that Google has developed a native Gmail application on the iOS platform. In addition, sgrad is confident that Google has submitted an application for app shelving to Apple, which may be being evaluated by Apple. Shgrad said that

Automatically forward outlook emails

I found someCode, As shown in the following figure. (Of course, it is similar to using VBA in Excel)Option explicit Public withevents myolitems as outlook. ItemsPublic sub application_startup () 'Reference the items in the inbox. Because

(Good!!!) Imapfilter + offlineimap + msmtp + mutt + abook = Email

Original Article URL: So, I ' ve spent a little over a week setting up my new email consumption/creation system. As you can the "the title of this" blog post, there are a

Use IMAP/exchange/pushmail to synchronize your mailbox

When talking about pushmail, of course we should talk about Blackberry, because BlackBerry's pushmail is the best, but the domestic usage cost is too expensive, and China Mobile's service fee for one month will be 400 or 500 oceans .... we will not

How to avoid receiving spam messages

Whether it is the government, the mail service provider, or the user, more in the anti-spam to make their own efforts. I believe that webmaster often leave your email address on the internet, if carelessly, it is estimated to receive a lot of junk

How do you manage your time in the Internet age?

Wen/Lifesinger (Yuber also known as Condor)I sent a Weibo message yesterday. For the front-end development, in addition to the blue ideal, there are several places more waste of life: Baidu (bar, etc.), CSDN, Cnbeta, QQ Group, micro-bo. The

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