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Network Layer 2 (IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and related protocols)

Network Layer 2 (IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and related protocols) IP (internet protocol) protocol is the core protocol of the TCP/IP protocol family and the network layer of the internet. The current version number is 4, also known as IPv4. The next

How do I set multiple IP addresses on a single host? (Author: Wang Shijun)

IP Address Many people think that a machine can have only one IP address, which is not actually the case. Set up multiple IP addresses on a single host so that you can set up a site for each department instead of configuring the server separately.

Build IPv6 next-generation IP networks with ample addresses

I. IntroductionIf the "Millennium Bug" problem is a major hidden danger in the development of computer technology, the problem of IPv4 address insufficiency is a "stumbling block" in the Development of China's IP technology ". The difference is that

Summary of principles of six vro IP addresses

I have made many attempts to find a resource summary for the principle of router IP addresses. Can not clearly handle their own needs, so in the following article, there should be a satisfactory harvest. In a routable network layer protocol, the

Router protocols and IP addresses

With the development of China's routing industry, it also promotes the improvement of router protocols. The TCP/IP-based Internet has gradually developed into a super-large computer network with the largest number of users and the largest resources

DNS Server Load balancer technology-a method that corresponds to multiple IP addresses for the same domain name

DNS load balancing technology is to configure multiple IP addresses for the same host name on the DNS server, the DNS server returns different resolution results for each query based on the IP address recorded by the host in the DNS file, and

From the DNS base to centos6.5, "playing" builds a support for forward and reverse resolution"

1. What is DNS? (Domain Name System) domain name system. In fact, the functions implemented by DNS are very simple and effective, so that users do not need to remember the IP addresses that frequently access the server, you can directly access the

ATM Tutorial: Support for IP addresses in an ATM Network

In the past decade, ATM has become an important technology for next-generation networks. It provides unprecedented scalability and cost-effectiveness, as well as support for real-time and multimedia services in the future. In the future information

IP address and subnet-four IP address broadcast addresses

International regulations: divide all IP addresses into A, B, C, D, and E. Class DefaultSubnet Mask: Class A is; Class B is; Class C is The subnet mask is a 32-bit address. It is used to shield a part of the

Simulate MMU to design a route table that indexes IPv4 addresses, which is different from DxR and mmudxr.

Simulate MMU to design a route table that indexes IPv4 addresses, which is different from DxR and mmudxr.I don't know if anyone has played this game. Maybe, maybe not.Time and space are always on the opposite sides. because of incomplete facilities,

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