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Java Easy Negligence Knowledge point

StreamPojo------------------Plain old Java object, plain ancient Java objects.Conforms to JavaBean design specifications, empty constructs, private properties, common Getter/setter.= = differs from equals------------------1.== compares the memory address, that is, whether it is the same object.2.equals methodCompares the contents of two objects in the same way, and the default implementation comparison is the memory address. This method needs to be rewritten and logically judged according to it

The link of negligence in the construction of integrated wiring in data center

In recent years, as the data center is the core of data communications and business applications, has been more and more financial, insurance, securities and the Internet and other large enterprises pay attention to the domestic has invested a large number of data center project construction. Some of the weak current system integrators from the construction of the wiring directly into the layout of the data center wiring, and for the data center of the integrated wiring construction of some of t

A thought caused by negligence! (Strerror), neglected strerror

A thought caused by negligence! (Strerror), neglected strerror A few days ago, the code was written due to your negligence, resulting in the Segmentation fault (core dumped) over and over again ). This problem occurs because the pointer returned by strerror (errno) points to an invalid memory, leading to program printing errors and crashes. Failed Attempts several times, for progress. Replace perror (str) w

Do not be a victim of common usability negligence)

When I read Jakob Nielsen's recent article "Ten Most violated homepage design guidelines (Guidelines for ten unreasonable webpage designs )", i'm surprised that these include a list of basic, common-sense available methods, and the author's availability perspective. (Although I am not fascinated by his set of guidelines on Web availability, his research is fruitful and his article is instructive .) According to the Jakob Nielsen survey, only about 1/3 of Web sites follow these basic availability

Security devices: Key Points of firewall negligence

We have had such an experience in most of our careers-I mean you think it is enough to let you lose your job. My first major mistake was to restart all the routers on campus, not one by one, but one by one. I wrote a script to install a security

Microsoft rc2cryptoserviceprovider's negligence in encryption

Use rc2cryptoserviceprovider for encryption. In framework1.1, IV can use less than 8 bits. However, in Framework 2.0, IV must contain at least 8 bits. Otherwise, an exception is thrown! If the framework class library is reflected, an exception is

Port-forwarding, httpservletrequest, and a bug caused by negligence

Recently I took over a bug. It is strange that the WebService released by the product does not work and the error "connection refused" is returned. After checking, all the WebService calls reported by the error come from the server's local machine,

A series of security problems caused by China Telecom's system negligence

With a trembling hand, the weak password went in and found a series of security problems. The fsm service can be used to locate the problems, send text messages through sms, and even affect Telecom user data.This system should have been adopted by

Negligence in finding the Maximum/minimum values of a sequence

To do this, we want to find the maximum or minimum value of list , So we write a method. /// /// Minimum value /// /// /// Public static double min (list _ Series) { Double result = 0; Foreach (double item in _ Series){If (result>

One example of Linux multithreaded programming and signal negligence __arduino

Turn from: These days to a network flow collector program has been basically changed, the original in the main function in a few child threads started after sleeping 10 minutes after the start

The hair-pulling website is a matter of negligence due to the work

For the site by K, by the search engine punishment for webmaster is already very flattering, although stationmaster are very unwilling to see such phenomenon appear, can often life thing not as Italy Ten, this is helpless, in our avoid the situation,

Research on the method of establishing customer churn prediction model in commercial banks _ data mining algorithm

) Natural wastage. This type of customer churn is not caused by human factors, such as relocation and death of customers. Such customer churn is unavoidable and should be within the range of flexible drains. The proportion of natural wastage is very small, banks can provide online services and so on, so that customers anywhere, anytime can easily and quickly use the bank's products and services to reduce the occurrence of natural wastage. (2) The loss of competition. Loss as a result of competit

Organizational Behavior Note: Chapter 1 individuals in an organizational unit

indicates that the manager is incompetent. Sometimes it is an effective disciplinary measure to let some people leave the company. As an organization, it is limited for the employees who are difficult to change. The positive aspect of corrective discipline is the ability to transform employees in violation of discipline and protect the interests of others. The negative aspect is that punishment may result in spiritual resistance, resignation, absence from work, and management alienation.Fulfill

Mysql removes redundant duplicate records

Mysql deletes redundant duplicate records. Sometimes, multiple duplicate records exist in the database. In this case, deduplication is required, that is, only one record is retained... This is especially common in Data Warehouses because of human or even negligence. How to remove duplicates? The procedure is as follows: 1. query duplicate records? CREATETABLEpush_log_fu Mysql deletes redundant duplicate records. Sometimes, multiple duplicate records e

Redis is injected with crackit, but I disabled the persistent storage function. how can I determine if my server is hacked?

Due to my negligence, I forgot to set a password for redis I installed two months ago and bound it to a public IP address. so I opened redis today and saw the crackit field injected, the value is an ssh-rsa, but it seems that my root password has not been changed during this period. does it mean that he only needs to note... Due to my negligence, I forgot to set a password for redis I installed two months


For DBAs, CREATETABLEAS is a common practice. Although this method is simple, negligence can easily lead to unexpected problems. I was there a while ago. For DBAs, it is common to create table. Although this method is simple, negligence can easily lead to unexpected problems. I was there a while ago. For DBAs, it is common to create table. Although this method is simple,

4.27 Day 15th time work, thesis and structure, investment 3000W, 2 years of large cycle

group (where a small negligence is indicated in the middle)1 , preparation of project management plan2 , scope management plan, scope definition, build WBS3 , activity definition, activity sequencing, activity resource estimation, activity duration estimation, schedule development4 , cost estimation, cost budgeting5 , develop quality management plan6 , develop a human resources plan7 , develop communication management plan8 , develop risk management

Android Source reading tool-using source Insight under Ubuntu

: Applications->wine->programs->source Insight 3->source Insight 3.5 can start the software, The startup process is the same as under Windows. There are some settings that are just like windows, and this is not the case. Start the new project below. The following dialog box pops up in Project->new progect: Click the browse button to find our new Si folder under the source directory. Select and OK. Then click OK to confirm (here is a small negligence,

Backdoor attacks and defense (1)

some way-because the backdoor is accessed from other nodes, therefore, you must use twisted pair wires, optical fiber cables, serial/parallel ports, Bluetooth, infrared devices, and other devices on the target machine to connect to the physical signal to access the port. Only when the access is successful can both parties communicate with each other and the attack has the opportunity to intrude.2. by default, the target machine must open more than one port for external access-because a machine

Hadoop O & M note-it is difficult for Balancer to balance a large amount of data in a rapidly growing Cluster

Background: The company used the CDH5 cluster online. At first, due to negligence, it forgot to regularly execute Balancer in scheduled tasks to balance the data of each node. Later, after the introduction of a large number of jobs, the data growth was very rapid. Many nodes began to encounter utilization rate exceeding 99.9%, and some jobs even began to fail. So we will execute Balancer. Background: The company used the CDH5 cluster online. At first,

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