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Data Warehouse Application (III): Data Warehouse application for SQL Server 2005-Online analytic OLAP

进货量,减少笔记本内存条的进货量 可以适度减低笔记本电脑的售价,以达到该类商品的薄利多销,进一步提高该类商品的销售额获得更大的利润。2, analysis of the "2013-2014 Fuzhou" in the range of goods sales and salesAfter rotation:Analysis results: 笔记本电脑的销售量最高,安卓手机类的销售量最低 笔记本电脑的销售额最高,安卓手机类的销售额最低Decision-making recommendations: 在福州市范围内,应当提高笔记本电脑商品的进货量,减少安卓手机类的进货量 可以适度减低笔记本电脑的售价,以达到该类商品的薄利多销,进一步提高该类商品的销售额获得更大的利润。3, analysis of the "2013-2014 Fuzhou range-all education" within the various types of goods sales and salesAnalysis:初中学历: 笔记本电脑销售量最高,销售额最高。 有线

Python crawler Summary (ii) Common data types and their analytic methods

='Ui-slide-item') forIteminchResults:Print 'Movie:', Item.get ('Data-title'),'Date:', Item.get ('Data-release'),'Score:', Item.get ('data-rate')The XPath method and the BeautifulSoup method are quite handy for locating elements, but they cannot locate the data that is placed directly in JavaScript, such as the informat

Python Extracts analytic tabular data

= ictos_colnames[3:44]Cgsl_memset = cgsl_colnames[3:29]Cgel_memset = cgsl_colnames[3:36]Tsp_memset = cgel_colnames[3:25]Vp_memset = vp_colnames[3:50]Manage_set = Manage_colnames[3:13]Projectset = [Ictos_memset, Cgsl_memset, Cgel_memset, Tsp_memset, Vp_memset, Manage_set]For I in range (len (projectname)):#print (Projectname[i] + "project group member" +STR (Projectset[i]) + "\ n total:%d"%len (Projectset[i]))PassReturn Projectsetdef main ():File2 = "/media/a/work/ci work/project group material/

Data structure stack analytic algorithm expression

remaining operator in the stack pops up sequentially, output = ab-c*d+ef/-5 Calculating an arithmetic expressionWhen you have a suffix expression, the value of the expression is very easy. can be calculated according to the following process.(1) Scan the expression from left to right, one takes out a data(2) If data is the operand, it is pressed into the stack(3) If da

Xutils and Fastjson acquisition and Beijing-racing platform rental analytic network data

form of a key-value pair that encapsulates the request parameterRequestparams.addquerystringparameter ("Sex", "girl");try {String result = X.http (). Getsync (Requestparams, String.class); Log.d("TAG", "result:" + result); } catch (Throwable throwable) { throwable.printStackTrace(); } } }).start();}123456789101112131415161718192021123456789101112131415161718192021This method gets a string literal, or it can be parsed directly into th

Python Analytic Weather Forecast (T639) data

ImportOs,sysImportstring fromDatetimeImport*Import TimeImportCalendarImportJsonstart=Time.clock ()#Read DataFilePath ='e:\\new folder\\16050320.024'fileorg= Open (FilePath,'R') Linedata=[line.strip (). Replace ('\ t',' ') forLineinchFileorg.readlines ()ifLine! ='\ n']fileorg.close ()#Parse DataDatainfo = Linedata[2].split (' ') Reso=float (datainfo[0]) Xnum= Int (datainfo[6]) Ynum= Int (datainfo[7]) Startlon= reso/2.0Startlat= reso/2.0Data='\ n'. Join (Linedata[3:])#print (str (xnum) + "+ str (y

Design principles and features of analytic Space Data Grid

In terms of architecture, data grids have the following features: heterogeneity, scalability, self-applicability, and multi-GIS-level management domains. Based on the above features and actual application situations, when designing a data grid, follow these principles: String 4 (1) It has nothing to do with underlying implementation mechanisms, including data

JSON data analytic simulation of the United States-_android interface display

Run Effect chart: Requires four LIB packages: parsing JSON Gson packets, parsing JSON data from a network address to a string of asynchronous network resolution tools Asynchttpclient, etc. Download address: Click to download The code is as follows: Package com.lixu.testjsonall; Import java.util.ArrayList; Import java.util.List; Import; Import; Import

The analytic way of data structure and algorithm

The data structure is the way that the computer stores and organizes it. A data structure is a collection of elements that have one or more specific relationships to each other. Typically, a well-chosen data structure can lead to higher operational or storage efficiency. Data structures are often associated with effici

Analytic bitmap processing massive data and its Realization method analysis _c language

"What is Bit-map?"The so-called bit-map is to use a bit bit to mark the corresponding value of an element, and key is that element. Because the bit is used to store the data, the storage space can be greatly saved. If there is so much to know about Bit-map, let's look at a concrete example, assuming that we want to sort the 5 elements (4,7,2,5,3) within 0-7 (assuming these elements are not duplicates). Then we can use the Bit-map method to achieve the

Google Maps geo-analytic and anti-analytic geocode.geocoder detailed

), Zoom:8, MapTypeId:google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP});//Instantiating Geocoder ServicesvarGeocoder= NewGoogle.maps.Geocoder ();//1. Geographic parsing process//request data Geocoderrequest to address, value ' Guiyang 'Geocoder.geocode ({address:'Guiyang'},functionGeoresults (results, status) {//here is the return function (i.e. the result handler function) //A status of OK indicates a result if(Status==Google.maps.GeocoderStatus.OK) {//In general, th

Learn Oracle Analytic functions (Analytic Functions)

Oracle provides a number of powerful analytic functions that can be used to accomplish requirements that may require a stored procedure to be implemented.The analytic function calculates the aggregated values based on a set of data rows, which are different from the aggregate functions, and they return multiple rows of results for each group. The parse function i

November 16 Global Domain name quotient analytic volume TOP21: New Network analytic volume negative growth

IDC Commentary Network ( November 19 reported: According to Dailychanges published real-time data show, as of November 16, 2015, in the global domain name resolution of the 21 World War, China won 4 seats, is still China million network, Yi name China, dnspod, New nets. Among them, the easy name of China's domain name resolution exceeded the 2 million mark, reached 2,271,813, compared with the previous period November 9 a net increase of 420

Analytic database-the art of analytic systems

The front-end time has been required to restructure the YH cash register system. I downloaded several cash register software, all of which are CS, and the function analysis was almost the same. I wanted to look at the table structure and found that two systems are dB and one MDF, for one mdb, the remaining one is not found in the database. The first query contains database files in the DB format. If there are too many database files in the result, you still cannot find them. Then download the

Oracle Analytic functions

Label:Recognize analytic functionsWhat is an analytic function?Analytic functions are powerful functions that Oracle specifically uses to address the statistical requirements of complex reports, which can be grouped in data and then calculated based on some statistical values of groups, and each row of each group can r

Oracle Analytic functions

Aggregation functions can be performed in either analytic or non-analytic mode. Aggregate functions in non-analytic mode reduce the result set to fewer rows of data. However, in analytic mode, the aggregate function does not reduce the number of rows of output results. Also,

How to construct dynamic analytic formula with geometrical artboard parameters

Geometry artboards provide rich and convenient creative functions so that users can freely write their own needs of the teaching courseware, is one of the most excellent teaching software. It mainly uses points, lines, circles as the basic elements, through the transformation of these basic elements, construction, measurement, calculation, animation, tracking track, etc., the construction of other more complex graphics. The following is an example of the dynamic

China Domain name resolver (international Domain name) Analytic Volume report (June 9)

IDC Commentary Network ( June 12 reported: According to Dailychanges published real-time data display, as of June 9, 2015, China's domain name resolution market basically remained stable, the number of domain name resolution 20 list almost unchanged. Among them, China million network to 2.61 million domain name resolution amount of the champion, the new holdings of 4,855, strong momentum. In addition, the number of domain name resolution in

Python3 's grammatical sugar and analytic formula

Since the Python language developed to 3.X, there are many syntactic sugars, such as: Three-dimensional expression代码块2. Encapsulation and Deconstruction3. Analytic type1). List analytic type2). Set Analytic type3). Dictionary analytic typeThe role of analytic formula1)

JS variable, scope, Memory (including pre-analytic interview Questions)

/requests, and improve program performance Cache usage Steps (1) Use the data, first to the cache to view, and then remove the use (2) no data in the cache, calculate/request, and then cache the Data. Cache application: Fibonacci Recursive functions Fibonacci-cut Sequence Optimization "cache" Script> varCache= {}; functi

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