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Linux forwarding bottleneck analysis, evaluation, optimization, and solutions

Line Speed Concept Many people misunderstand this line-speed concept. The so-called wire speed ability is the router/switch is like a wire. And this, is impossible. One of the concepts that should be considered is latency. Packet into the router or

Understand and take: How frame-relay works

Understand and take: How frame-relay works Corresponding Teaching Video in: 9.9 release, which can be viewed after the Administrator's 24-hour review. The course name is Cisco CCNA-certified Frame

How is the backplane bandwidth, switching capacity, and packet forwarding rate of the switch calculated? Why each manufacturer's target is higher than the line speed forwarding

such as the Cisco 2960x-24ps-l (24,000 Gigabit Port 4,000 gigabit), forwarding bandwidth 108Gbps, switching bandwidth 216Gbps, packet forwarding rate 71.4Mpps, according to the non-clogging line speed forwarding to calculate, exchange capacity of 2*2

Two-layer forwarding principle

12-Tier Forwarding basicsHere the two layer refers to the computer network seven layer model two layer, from the first layer to the 7th layer are the physical layer, Data link layer, network layer, transport layer, Session layer, presentation layer

Implement layer-2 extension and multi-path forwarding through TRILL (1)

TRILL (Transparent Interconnection of lots of links, multi-link Transparent Interconnection) is a standard developed by IETF to implement layer-2 extension of data centers. Currently, some protocols have been standardized, such as RFC6325, 6326,6327

Static Routing and ospf for Frame Relay Configuration

Frame Relay) is a group-oriented communication method used to connect to computer systems. It is mainly used for LAN interconnection and WAN connection on public or private networks. Most public telecommunications bureaus provide the Frame Relay

Two or three-layer forwarding

Second-level forwarding: When a, B or C, D communicate with each other, they go is two-layer forwarding.The first step:A--> B. Because the source IP of the message and the destination IP are in the same network segment, it will be forwarded two

L3 Ethernet switch: introduces L2 VLAN forwarding

Layer-3 Ethernet switch: introduces L2 VLAN forwarding, configurations in layer-3 Ethernet switches, MAC addresses, and L2 VLAN forwarding, I hope you will have a clear understanding after reading the following articles. The forwarding mechanism of

Packet forwarding rate Exchange capacity detailed

The packet forwarding rate (throughput) of the switch refers to the ability of the switch to forward packets, in PPS (packets per second), that is, how many packets per second the switch can forward. Switch interface rate: 100MBIT/S Ethernet

Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding

What is the second-layer forwarding mechanism? Learning thread and message forwarding thread.Layer 2 only depends on the MAC addressIP-independent So the IP-MAC binding on the second layer is invalid.   The forwarding mechanism of a layer-3 Ethernet

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