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Topological ordering, critical path and shortest path algorithm of graphs--C + + implementation

vertices, as the graph is easy to know. The algorithm is as follows:Template Three: Shortest path (Dijkstra algorithm) The shortest path problem is a classical algorithm problem in graph theory research, which aims to find the shortest path between two nodes in graph (composed of nodes and paths). The Dijkstra algorithm uses a dist[] array to store the cost of r

Topology sequencing critical path (depth first search)

;if (--gl[v].in = = 0)stack[top++] = v;if (Etv[v] ETV[V] = Etv[u] + e->weight;}}Free (Stack);return (count = = N), or//if count is less than the number of vertices, indicates that there is a ring}void Criticalpath (Vertexnode *gl, int n)//seeking critical path{int i, u, v;Edgenode *e;int TOPO[MAXN], PATH[MAXN];int ETV[

Figure: Finding the critical path

case of a shell completion event, in order not to affect the duration: Shell completion Activities at the earliest, it started at a point, and it must start at two o ' night. The maximum power value of 3 means that all activities must be completed after three hours, while the shell will take only 2 hours to complete. Therefore, the middle of the idle time has one hours, in order not to affect the entire duration, it must start at the latest two points. It is then possible to ensure completion o

Critical Path algorithm

Related concepts:(1)AOE (activity on Edges) network if there is a forward edge in the non-forward loop of the weighted direction graph to indicate the activities in a project , the weight on the edge represents the duration of the activity (Duration), When a vertex is used to represent an event , such a graph is called a network with an edge representing the activity, or AOE (activity on Edges). The AOE Network is a weighted, forward-free, circular

PPT animation production of falling leaves free ppt template

First step, insert [url=] golden footprints courseware [/url] into a leaf picture place it outside the canvas, select the leaf, and add a "spinner" to it (this animation is in the "emphasis" group). Double-click the spinner in the animation pane to set the parameters for it, as shown in.In the second step, select the leaf, click Add Animation on the toolbar, and add basic rotation to it (this animation is in the Enter-gorgeous group). Double-click Basic rotation in the animatio

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