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Xamarin C # Android for Visual Studio Platform Installation note reference

Xamarin is a company created by Mono's founder Miguel de Icaza, designed to enable developers to write iOS, Android, Mac applications, or cross-platform mobile development in C #.Brief introductionXamarin is a mono-based platform that currently has

Use only the most suitable! Comprehensive comparison of mainstream. NET Report controls

ObjectiveWith the advent of the. NET platform, report-related development controls come with a number of mature products available to developers, and this article aims to compare the current 4 most popular models from different dimensions. NET

A murder caused by a lock-free message queue: How to be a real programmer? (v) The Art of--ringqueue (middle) sleep

Directory(i) causes (ii) hybrid spin lock (iii) q3.h and Ringbuffer   (d) ringqueue (upper) spin lock (v) The Art of Ringqueue (middle) Sleep  OpeningI have studied disruptor these days. NET version, due to. NET version follow-up, online only v2.10

Go SharePoint App Development (2)-building a development environment

This article belongs to the SharePoint Apps Development series article, and this series of articles includes: SharePoint app Development (1)-What is a SharePoint app? SharePoint app Development (2)-Building a development environment

. NET development must see Data 53 + Classic Source 77

Simple description: For everyone to organize the Download Center. NET data, are relatively hot, high praise rate, do a collectible download directory, I hope you like ~Catalogue 0 Beans Download:

. NET development must see Data 53 + Classic Source 77

Catalogue 0 Beans Download: preview:Message Board project based on. NET architecture Source codeHttp:// NET and common rights system components feature tutorialhttp://down.51

World of Warcraft Trinity, starting from the source

Cause of originIn an idle weekend afternoon, suddenly think of World of Warcraft, the official account for a long time, the size of the number is now not even full level. Previously used to take the legendary and StarCraft network of the server to

On some new characteristics of VS10 BETA2

on some new characteristics of VS10 Beta2 Visual Studio 2010 (below refers to the BETA2 version) has a lot of progress and a lot of new features, and here I write about a few of my concerns. VS2010 integrates F #, SQL Server 2008 SP1 and SharePoint2

[Efficient programmer series] 2. Do not make robots-automate work

Open your computer every day. The first thing you need to do is to open the most common software: contact your friends, Open QQ, receive emails, open outlook, and listen to music, you opened the cool dog ...... But you don't want to be a robot. You

Cloud computing overview and the first Azure Program

08/04/2012 as many people want to try Azure, ask for registration questions and update the Azure Support Section.Introduction Try Agile to write a blog. This article covers the following two stories. Story 1: as a reader who has never developed a

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