free file manager for mac

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Add right-click File package compression for Mac Finder (free)

Used to 7-zip and WinRAR on Windows, and came to the Mac and suddenly found no such tool? Mac comes with the Zip tool does make people vomit bad, compression rate must not not to say, because the Mac file name is Unicode encoding, to the GBK encoded

Apple Mac OS x System 13-Year vision change history

1MAC OS 91 Common desktop operating systemsAfter several beta versions, Apple finally officially announced OS X 10.10 Yosemite os. Apple says the 11th edition of OS X is the biggest change in visual performance since its inception in 2001. So, is

Start using Mac OS x--for new Mac

Reprint Address: are two reasons to write this document,One, around the use of Mac friends more and more, often someone to consult some common use problems, such as: "Why the

Start using Mac OS x--for new Mac

There are two reasons to write this document, one, the use of friends around the Mac more and more, often someone to consult some common use problems, such as: "Why the interface in the upper right corner of the red Button fork off, the program has

127 commonly used software for Mac

The software mentioned below does not include software built into the system, nor does it include the software and professional use software that Apple has produced itself. 4D Keynote Builder 1.0: A Keynote helper that creates cool 3D switching

How to modify the mac address

Dedicated refresh programs are available for NICs of different brands. You need to download corresponding refresh programs for Chip models. Easily modify the nic mac addressThe MAC address of the NIC is the physical address solidified in the nic

Intro--From The Lion of Mac OS X

Recent sentiment more and more, daughters more and more large, less hair, I know, I am old.After 30 years old, time as if the gate of the river like the rolling out, feel that they waste too much time. We have to admit that foresight people will be 1

How to modify the MAC address method _ Application Tips

Different brand of network card has a dedicated refresh program, the need for the chip model to download the corresponding refresh program Easily modify the NIC MAC address The MAC address of the NIC is the physical address that is cured in the

Tuxera NTFS Mac serial number free download

Use your Mac to avoid deleting, copying, saving or editing anything from the drive. Tuxera NTFS 2016.1 is a very useful software. Tuxera NTFS version 2016 is a new Mac-launched MacOS. Do you know Tuxera NTFS for Mac 2016 also comes with Tuxera

New MAC Installation Guide (general article) (Recommended settings, software installation, recommended software)

Note: This article will be not regularly maintained and updated, and will be the first time to update on Github, the need for friends please directly subscribe to this article issues: "New MAC Installation Guide (general article)".On the MAC

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