free fonts for wordpress

Learn about free fonts for wordpress, we have the largest and most updated free fonts for wordpress information on

Kill Google fonts, WordPress speed Skyrocket, googlewordpress_php tutorial

Kill Google fonts, WordPress speed spikes, googlewordpress July 7, 2014 23:40:31 Because Google is a wall, WordPress references Google fonts will always load for a long time, seriously affecting the speed of opening. Install wordpress plugin

Get rid of Google Fonts, WordPress speed surge, googlewordpress_PHP tutorial

Get rid of Google Fonts, WordPress is booming, and googlewordpress. The speed of WordPress is soaring. at 23:40:31 on January 1, July 7, 2014, because Google was attacked by the Wall, the Google Fonts referenced by WordPress will always be loaded

2015 free 25 WordPress site templates

The number of WordPress plugins and themes continued to grow in 2015. This year, we can expect WP theme to introduce some new techniques, from backgrounds, adaptive responsive images to extracting the main color from the background image.This

25 beautiful WordPress magazine themes

WordPress is a free and open-source blog tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which runs in a Web hosting service. Every month, WordPress Themes are developed by developers, and users like to use WordPress magazine

15 Professional responsive WordPress Themes, professional wordpress

15 Professional responsive WordPress Themes, professional wordpress When you are about to create a new website, you will find many WordPress Themes for you to choose from. They are powerful and suitable. Although a large number of third-party

Wordpress Themes and website design and development manuals and resources

    If you want to start operating and releasing your first website, finding a suitable CMS or free platform is definitely a key step. Generally, you may choose wordpress, because it is the most popular website framework and product, you can see

Steps for building a personal blog using HTTPS WordPress

Because I want to get https, and the tutorials on the Internet are not so comprehensive, I also find that the method for enabling https on WordPress is too complicated and unnecessary on the Internet, so here we will share our own setup process. How

WordPress website Performance Optimization Guide, wordpress performance Optimization _php Tutorial

WordPress website Performance Optimization Guide, wordpress performance optimization 1. Select a good host Try not to use a free host or a shared host (GoDaddy, bluehost, etc. so-called unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sites and other hosts)First of

With WP Super cache and seven kn for your WordPress website acceleration

As we all know, WordPress has always been the preferred program to build a blog, and now there are more and more enterprise sites are chosen to use WordPress to build.WordPress is good but its too bloated and slow response to the shortcomings of the

WordPress topic creation tutorial [1]-Learn about WP & Structure & index

: This article mainly introduces the WordPress topic creation tutorial [1]-Learn about WP & Structure & indexing. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. I have recently started the development of WordPress topics. First, we will understand

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