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Oracle SQL handler, a convenient and easy-to-use ORACLE development tool/client tool, is recommended (free of charge in China, powerful and free-of-charge client, and can run on Windows 7, Linux, and Mac)

Oracle SQL handler, yesDesigned for Oracle database developers and operatorsA carefully crafted Oracle client tool:Ultra-intelligent SQL Editor;Ultra-convenient table operations(You can update the data warehouse table by modifying the cell data of the table );Export data in multiple formats, including xls, CSV, insert SQL, HTML, and XML;Chinese and English InterfacesAnd can be switched; MonitoringRun batch SQL statements(Paused and corrected during ru

MongoDB Windows-Free installation

=3427m,session_max=20000,eviction= (threads_min=4,threads_max=4), config_base=false,statistics= (FAST), log= (enabled=true,archive=true,path=journal, Compressor=snappy), file_manager= (close_idle_time=100000), checkpoint= (Wait=60,loG_SIZE=2GB), statistics_log= (wait=0),2017-05-23t17:05:53.497+0800 I CONTROL [Initandlisten]2017-05-23t17:05:53.498+0800 I CONTROL [initandlisten] * * warning:access CONTROL is not enabled for the database.2017-05-23t17:05:53.498+0800 I CONTROL [initandlisten] * * Re

"Database" Mean Web development 02-windows under MongoDB installation configuration and common client management tools

save: # database path # log output file path Logappend=true# error log with append mode journal=true# Enable log file, enabled by default quiet=true# This option can filter out some useless log information, if need to debug use please set to False # the port number defaults to 27017 3. Open the CMD command box CD to the MongoDB Bin directory and start MongoDB with the following command: "C : \pr

Windows-Free Oracle Client PLSQL configuration

Variable Value: D:\oracle_client\instantclient_10_2 Otherwise appears: Ora-12154:tns:could not resolve the connect identifier specified error If you have previously installed Oracle and uninstalled, you will be left with the Nls_lang=na key value. Enter regedit to open the registry hkey_local_machine/software/oracle. Find Nls_lang=na on the right and delete it. Otherwise it will be reported ora-12705:cannot access NLS data files or invalid error. 5. Install PL/SQL software ( process slightly

MongoDB installation under Windows, Shell client usage, Bson expanded data types, Mongovue visualizer installation and simple use (2)

One, Windows download installation1. To download, MongoDB is installed by default in C:\Program Files\mongodb directory, to F:\Office\Database\ Mongodbdata New Mongodbdata directory is used to store mongodb data.Execute cmd commandExecutive Mongod.exe2. Setting Environment variablesGo t

How does MongoDB free up free space?

Tags: how the step Member app cannot cluster remove set coercionWhen we delete a document or collection from MongoDB, MongoDB does not release the disk space that is already occupied, and it maintains a data file that has occupied disk space, although there may be a large and small list of empty records in the data file. When the client program inserts the docume

MongoDB Study Notes (1) -- install MongoDB in Windows and take mongodb Study Notes

MongoDB Study Notes (1) -- install MongoDB in Windows and take mongodb Study Notes First, download the windows Installation Package for mongodb from the official website, select a 32-bit or 64-bit version based on your system type

MongoDB Study Notes (1)-install MongoDB on Windows

MongoDB Study Notes (1) mdash; install MongoDB on Windows MongoDB Study Notes (1) mdash; install MongoDB on Windows Overview This document describes how to install MongoDB in

MongoDB Study Notes (1)-install MongoDB on Windows

MongoDB Study Notes (1)-install MongoDB on WindowsOverview This document describes how to install MongoDB in Windows. Official website of MongoDB: the latest version is 2.6.7. Note: MongoDB does not suppor

"MongoDB Learning One" environment built under Mac to connect MongoDB UI Client

Tags: blog http io sp data on log CTIRecord MongoDB learning to be lazy to own up to MongoDB serverIt's going to be a command, though.Brew Install MongoDBBut considering the future application or put on the Internet, directly with the ready-made service barDownload the client (Robomongo is multi-platform, open source free

Getting started with mongodb-installing mongodb on 1 windows

a port 27017, which represents the mongodb listening port. We will use this port during connection, just like mysql's port 3306. Similarly, we can -- port to modify this port. There is also a 28017 port, which is a web Service port that mongodb started for us at startup. We can use http: // localhost: 28017/to view some mongodb parameters. In this way, we ha

Install MongoDB (made into a Windows service) and load the C # driver

Label:A MongoDB Introduction: by querying some information on the Internet to introduce the advantages of MongoDB :MongoDB is a document-oriented database, currently developed and maintained by 10gen, it is rich in functionality, complete, can completely replace MySQL. In the process of using MongoDB to prototype a pro

Install MongoDB on Windows

Install MongoDB on Windows MongoDB is widely used in a variety of large portal websites and professional websites with its features such as simple operations, free of charge, open source code, and ready-to-download. This greatly reduces operating costs. This article describes the installation steps and procedures on th

The best MongoDB Client Management tool

The best MongoDB Client Management tool, Chszs, cannot be reproduced without the permission of the blogger. Permission to reprint should be marked by the author and blog home: Http:// good MongoDB client management tool can greatly improve the development efficiency of

MONGODB Basic Environment Deployment (under Windows System)

load of the cluster. 3 , High performance MongoDB Dynamically fills the document , Pre-allocates data files , and uses space for stable performance. The memory-mapped file is used in its default storage engine , and the memory management is given to the operating system for processing, and the dynamic query optimizer " remembers " the most efficient way to execute the query. while MongoDB is powerful an

MongoDB Learning (1)-Installing MongoDB in a Windows system

Label:OverviewThis article mainly describes the method of installing MongoDB on Windows systems.MongoDB Official website:, the latest version is 2.6.7.Attention:Starting with version 2.2, MongoDB does not support Windows XP. Please use the latest version of

"Database" Mean Web development 03-MONGODB Client management tools use of NoSQL Manager for MongoDB

Brief introductionMean is a full stack development framework for JavaScript. More aboutThe storage of persistent data with MongoDB is a part of mean web full stack development.MongoDB is a product between a relational database and a non-relational database, and is the most versatile and most like relational database in a non-relational database. It is characterized by high performance, easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to store data.MongoDB's lear

Windows version control tool git Client installation finally solves the problem of "Git Windows client to save the user name and password"

Http:// Install and configure the GIT development environment in Windows Http:// Http:// Finally, the problem of "saving the user name and password on the GIT Windows client"

Solve slow query problems with MONGODB client Samus code Research

having sub-documents?Find a document without any contract records query, found that the results are still, there is no obvious improvement;Exclusion Mode Two: No index created?Create index on search column ID, the result is still;Exclusion method Three: is not the number of documents too large?More than 10,000 lines is just a small number, no reason, MongoDB management tens of millions of documents are no problem, at the time or decided to try, will

MongoDB Learning Note (i)--windows installing MongoDB

Label:  First download the MongoDB Windows Installer from the official website, choose 32-bit or 64-bit version according to your system type, and then follow the prompts to install the next step. If the installation directory is not modified, it is installed by default in the C:\Program files\mongodb directory. Find the official tools for

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