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1.4 [Blockchain] consensus algorithm contention (pbft,raft,pow,pos,dpos,ripple)

Several common consensus mechanisms (pbft,raft,pow,pos,dpos,ripple) in blockchain have been summarized in recent days. Try to use simple and understandable language, the space is large, want to understand can read each algorithm introduced in front

Summary of Chinese Word Segmentation project (open source/api interface)

1) Ictclas One of the earliest Chinese open-source participle projects, developed by the Zhang Huaping and Liu Qun of CAs, is compiled in C + +, based on the study of Chinese lexical analysis based on multi-layer hidden Markov. The open source

Common open-source/free NLP tools

Some common open-source/free tools for NLP tasks, * Computational linguistics toolbox CLT /~ Linguist/compling.html Gate Natural Language Toolkit (nltk) Mallet

Natural language Processing NLP common open source/free tools

NLP Common open source/free tools (reproduced from the Water Wood Community NLP Edition) *computational Linguistics ToolboxCLT Language Toolkit (NLTK)

Several open source Chinese word segmentation system _ Related skills

Here are 4 Open source Chinese word segmentation system. 1, ictclas– the world's most popular Chinese word segmentation system Chinese lexical analysis is the basis and key of the processing. Based on the accumulation of years of research work,

Java Open Source Resources

open to a good Java open source collation, excerpt, followed by a good continuation of the update. BuildThe tools used to build the application are collected here. Apache Maven:maven is built with claims and relies on management, preferring

Programmer's choice: Several brand new open-source tools in mobile development, open-source programmers

Programmer's choice: Several brand new open-source tools in mobile development, open-source programmers The mobile development concept has become the primary indicator of prospective application development institutions. In view of this, it is not

WiFiDog Authentication Lighttpd1.4.20 Source Code Analysis Bitset.c (h) Use of--------bit collections

Use a bit to represent the two states of an event, which is to save memory and increase the speed of the operation. In Lighttpd, a BITSET data structure is provided to manage the use of a bit set.In bitset.h, the data structure of a bit set is

C Language Realization single-linked list, single-chain surface test interview

Single linked list is an important module of learning indispensable, in the interview will also be a lot of single-chain list variant problems, today they summarize the song to summarize the first is to achieve a simple single-linked list:(Here,

Blockchain Open source technology comparison __ Blockchain

Open source: Name Public Knowledge algorithm Fit scene Development language Smart Contracts Tps Bitcoin 1.0 POW Public chain C++ Whether 7 Ethereum ETH 1.0 POW Gang

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