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Four free Php/asp/ website space recommendation

Free 10g/100g American Free space is the first youhosting free space provider, free 10G capacity/100g monthly flow of PHP free space cloud storage physical media to foreign countries, to circumvent the registration of domain names

Modified a very good php verification code (supporting Chinese characters) _ PHP Tutorial

Modified a very good php verification code (supporting Chinese ). Php captcha. class. php copy code :? PhpclassCaptcha {private $ width; private $ height; private $ codeNum; private $ code; private $ im; function _ const Php verification codeCaptcha.

PHP implementation to generate background-coded graphics verification code function _php skills

This article describes the PHP implementation of the generation with background graphics verification code function. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: We used to generate all of PHP is no background or the same color

An excellent and useful collection of PHP tools

Excellent and useful collection of PHP tools views: 1141 Release Date: 2013/09/04 Category: Technology sharing PHP is one of the most widely used server-side open source scripting languages, many excellent open source programs are built on PHP, such

PHP generates graphics verification code with background

Cases 1, produce a picture of PNG2. Set the background color for the picture3. Set font color and style4, generate a 4-digit random verification code5, the resulting each character adjusted rotation angle and position to the PNG picture6, add noise

PHP Generate picture Verification Code Practice Notes _php Tutorial

PHP generated graphics verification code needs to use the PHP GD library and the session to the instance, so the GD library generated images to the user to see, and then by the user input validation submitted to the server and the session stored

A method of implementing user registration login function based on PHP

This course through the use of PHP and Web front-end technology to achieve a website registration login portal page, learning and practice PHP programming, interested students can refer to. This article introduces the implementation of user

_php Example of user registration login function based on PHP

This article describes the implementation of the user login based on PHP function, the project is divided into four parts: 1 front-end page production, 2 authentication code production, 3 to achieve registration landing, 4 function perfect. The

Modified A Very Good php Verification Code (supports Chinese)

Php Verification CodeCaptcha. class. php Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Class Captcha { Private $ width; Private $ height; Private $ codeNum; Private $ code; Private $ im; Function _ construct ($ width = 80, $ height = 20, $ codeNum = 4) { $ This->

PHP Verification Code certification process to prevent machine registration

This time in writing PHP script, access to the Web front-end and web security issues more, then give us a brief talk about our site verification code verification process and security issues. From three aspects to talk about the use of verification

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