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picturecutting picture Batch cropping (cropping) tool

picturecutting picture Batch cropping (cropping) toolThe reason to write this tool is because in the acquisition of a software skin package in the picture of the need to do a lot of cutting work, and there is no easy to find in the Linux tool, simply QT write a.Project Addre

PHP plus nginx to implement dynamic cropping picture scheme

This article mainly introduces PHP plus nginx implementation of dynamic cropping picture scheme, using Imagick component implementation, need friends can refer to the following Wrote a long time ago is also about high-performance PHP picture dynamic cropping scheme article, the article is used Nginx cache and rewrite

_php example of dynamic cropping picture scheme with PHP plus nginx implementation

Wrote a long time ago is also about high-performance PHP picture dynamic cropping scheme article, the article is used Nginx cache and rewrite implementation, of course, plus CDN, the solution exists a problem is that the picture is not actually generated, but in the form of a binary cache. If the cache fails then you will need to request PHP to generate it again.

On the compression and cropping of picture files in C #

In the project, the processing of the picture, used in the upload, limit the size of the way, this brings many inconvenience. After all, the site operators do not necessarily do the image processing, often beyond the size limit, even if the use of image processing software, but also due to personal level reasons, the processing effect is not satisfactory.So the use of C # for us to provide image editing cap

Use QT and FFMPEG software to create video cropping tools

0 What is FFMPEG? Libav(Old Name:FFmpegIs a free software that can run audio and video recording, transfer, and stream functions in multiple formats.[1], including libavcodec-This is a decoder library for audio and video in multiple projects, and libavformat-a conversion library for audio and video formats. In the old term "FFMPEG" of libav, "FF" indicates "Fast forward"[2]. Some new users wrote to the proj

94 free software better than paid Software

scanning and removal Software Aim fix is designed to clear all known aim viruses with a powerful cleanup tool, the aim fix: Best phone software These software allows you to talk to others for free. All you need is a headset and a microphone. Skype has powerful encryption tech

Release a free open source software--pad flowchart Drawing software Padflowchart

interpretationIii. Introduction of softwareThe use of the software is simple, start with "file-new" to create a flowchart document, then you can click on the left side of the toolbar icon to paint. Here are some of the techniques that are in the drawing process:1. ALT + left mouse button click: You can quickly copy the last created graphic at the mouse click2, shift+ left mouse click: You can select more than one drawing object3. Ctrl + Drag the left

Free Open source 3D model design software Summary

! Take a picture, it's simple enough!BlenderBlender is the most popular free open source 3D model maker software suite.All major operating systems are supported across platforms.The function is very powerful, but it is difficult to get started, and once learned, it is very convenient to use.OpenscadOpenscad is a command-line based 3D modeling

2012 Desktop Prerequisites 6 free office software

files, this is not too important. This software is so powerful, it is not only a reader, or a PDF file image Converter, the color of the picture will definitely make you happy. In the Office of the time to encounter such a handy office software, is very practical, but also very convenient. 4, free mail transceiver To

Super easy to use the free revision software recommended

completely different, compared to Photoscape, IrfanView is more flexible and customizable. Its main advantages are as follows: Support for using Photoshop filters You can make thumbnails and quickly generate HTML pages with multiple images Combine multiple picture files to simply create a panoramic image Photofiltre Photofiltre is a two-dimensional image processing software which has simi

A picture of knowledge science--google free DNS server

Learning stems from the solution of problemsDuring the previous time, an Oracle software was installed on the virtual machine, the network connection of the virtual machine and the host machine was bridged mode, the static IP address and the gateway address were manually set, but the browser of the virtual machine could not be used.So through the ping test, the host ping can ping, but the virtual machine said unknown host, so let the vir

I genius official free tutorial One: Java Software Development Readiness knowledge

:\Program files\ installation folder name)III. Introduction to programming languagesThe language used to write software is simply understood as the language in which human beings command computer work.First of all, computers can't understand human language, so what kind of language does computers know? The answer is binary.In electronic circuits, there are two kinds of electrical signals, high level and low level, in order to facilitate human calculat

Precision Helper: Best free CHM production software _precision

Many users have the experience of making CHM documents, perhaps to share information with others, or to help themselves develop software. Although the web search CHM production software results are numerous, but the real use is not much, can be called excellent only a few. Among them I think excellent and free only Precision Helper, called the best

Open source and free, share and charge of software source code authorization

, 30 days after the registration code is still not purchased, you can not continue to use the software. Functional restrictions, such as a financial software, can limit the trial version of the report printing and export functions. Add a watermark (link), in the generated or exported files to add a trial version of the watermark, which is more suitable for picture

Recommend a free anti-theft chain software for everyone to use HA (unlimited fully functional version)

[Local] Si da anti-theft chain dedicated download server (unlimited free version). rar [/local] "Upgrade Instructions" Special Note: Registered users in order to retain the registration information, please copy the original Config folder to the new program Directory overwrite config folder 1, 2007-5-25 Upgrade 1.1 Edition A) Modified kernel processing to further improve server performance b) modified the original ASP's MD5 encryption can not be v

[Recommended] A free anti-theft chain software for everyone to use HA (unlimited full functional version)

? encrypted password encrypted password = MD5 (client IP, secret key) After the form of encryption: Http:// ... 6974f0a6a7aec876fda 5. When software is turned off, it may take a long time to reclaim a large amount of resources. 6, the operating environment: Windows2000, window2003 or installed the. NET Framework 1.1 Windows XP operating system 7, the software for the sharing of

MAC OS 10.11.1 virtual machine free download installed Xcode7 picture after download address

MAC OS 10.11.1 virtual machine free download has installed Xcode7 picture afterNote: you have downloaded the MAC OS 10.10.5 virtual machine free Download (installable Xcode7) Link:'s shoes can be self-appstore upgrade, the picture is most of the upgrade process.If you

Free maximum, comparable to PS image software Stylepix

current image of any problem, although the Stylepix support of many countries, but its version, it is directly to the traditional, so the noun is a little strange, so prunes also spent a little time, will it multiply, let stylepix in the noun, more close to the usual terminology, And this image software, there are two versions of the "free version, paid version", but the

WIN7 Special Free antivirus software MSE 4.0 preemptive evaluation

Microsoft's many Win7 free antivirus software, Microsoft's official production of MSE is still a pretty high degree of concern. In fact, we all understand that simple and practical is this lightweight version of the biggest anti-virus tool. Of course, as the world's largest software company's works, MSE how many also bring some

Powerful free anti-spyware software: SUPERAntiSpyware

installation process. Figure 1 Welcome to the installation interface After accepting the installation license Agreement for the software, the user is free to define the user information and the user type (see Figure 2), after which the software provides the option to choose the installation location (see Figure 3), which allows the user to install the

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