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PS to the location photos Plus Dim lavender

Tutorial describes the dim tint of the color of the image palette method. General process: First render the background of the picture, quickly with the color palette tool plus the desired main color. Then slowly light up the picture and render the highlight part. Finally the picture is exposed and soft feeling rendered out. Original Final effect 1, open the original material, press CTRL + ALT + Shift + 2 up the

Linux memory monitoring: Free command, top, PS

command to view the idle memory of the machine, we will find that the free value is very small. This is mainly because there is such an idea in the Linux system that the memory does not need to be white, so it tries its best to cache and buffer some data to facilitate the next use. But in fact, these memories can also be used immediately. So free memory = free +

10.6 Monitoring IO Performance 10.7 free command 10.8 PS Command 10.9 View network status 10.10 Linux under Grab Bag

DISK read:0.00 b/S | Actual DISK write:0.00 b/STID PRIO USER disk READ disk WRITE swapin io> COMMAND1 BE/4 root 0.00 b/S 0.00 B/s 0.00% 0.00% SYSTEMD--switched-root--system--deserialize 21 Free Free to view memory usage[Email protected] ~]# free-hTotal used free shared buff/cache availablemem:1.8g 530M 1

IO performance, free, PS, view network status, Linux under Grab packet

of processes because grep itself is a process. Four: View network status To print information such as network connection status, ports that are open to the system, routing tables, and so on. Common commands: NETSTAT-LNP print which ports the current system launches Netstat-an Print network connection status Tips: Netstat-an |awk '/^tcp/{++sta[$NF]} END {for (key in STA) print key, "\ T", Sta[key]} ' count the number of processes in all States focus on the number of established V: L

Free font directly with the PS plugin Fonttea

. Fontea Step 1 After opening the Fontea official website, click the "download" to download the corresponding extension function, or drag to the bottom of the page can also find Windows and Mac OS X two versions. Step 2 Follow the instructions of the download program to complete the installation, no additional steps, after installation can directly open Photoshop. Step 3 Then you can find "fontea" from Photoshop's "extended function". After opening, fi

20170507Linux seven weeks two lessons IO monitor free PS network status grab

Tags: freepsnetstattcpdumpseven weeks two sessions (May 7)10.6 Monitoring IO Performance10.7 Free Command10.8 PS Command10.9 Viewing network status10.10 Linux under Grab BagExtended TCP three-time handshake four times wave several usages: IO Performanceiostat-x disk use and SAR in the same package, i

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