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transduction Artifact Assistor PS (PS external artifact, pro-license free of charge, the following is the use of the reproduced method)

settingsGuide settings (not too much to explain here, only translation)Unit Converter (with complimentary color picker)1. Enter the value 2. Select Base Unit 3. Conversion result 4. Color coding5. Color picker (preferably any position on the screen!) Hidden too deep, I found ... )Rounded Rectangle ConversionYou can change the circle of the square to a circle. Tick each corner to edit each corner individually. Please select a rectangle in PS before us

C primer plus: Use pointers in the structure, use malloc to allocate pointer space and free

// C primer plus// Use Pointer in Structure// Allocate memory space to pointers in the Structure// Free releases the previously allocated memory space# Include # Include # Include # Include "tsong. H" Struct namect {Char * fname;Char * lname;Int letters;}; Void getinfo (struct namect *); // enter the nameVoid makeinfo (struct namect *); // calculates the length.Void showinfo (const struct namect *); // pri

Docker version omnibus Gitlab plus lets encrypt free SSL one-click Setup

[' ssl_certificate ']= '/etc/letsencrypt/live/ '; registry_nginx[' Ssl_certificate_key ']= '/etc/letsencrypt/live/ '; External_url ''; nginx[' Redirect_http_to_https ']=true;nginx[' Ssl_ Certificate ']= '/ETC/LETSENCRYPT/LIVE/DOCKERYU.COM/DOCKERYU.COM.CRT '; nginx[' Ssl_certificate_key ']= '/etc/ Letsencrypt/live/ ';"--publish443:443--publish the: the--publish222: A--publish4040:4040--n

PS to the location photos Plus Dim lavender

Tutorial describes the dim tint of the color of the image palette method. General process: First render the background of the picture, quickly with the color palette tool plus the desired main color. Then slowly light up the picture and render the highlight part. Finally the picture is exposed and soft feeling rendered out. Original Final effect 1, open the original material, press CTRL + ALT + Shift + 2 up the

PS for beauty plus attractive eye shadow effect

In the Photoshop tutorial, I'll learn how to mimic the makeup of a dinner girl's eye shadow in Photoshop cs3. This tutorial is very useful for dealing with magazine photos, I hope you enjoy ... First look at the final effect: 1, first of all, we want to download some girl's face close-up pictures from the Internet, then run your Photoshop to open these pictures, as shown in the picture. 2. Use the Lasso tool to create a selection in the position where you add eyeshadow, as shown

PS to the gray cauliflower beauty picture plus hazy sunshine color

Pictures for cloudy shooting, a bit of gray and dark, the overall sense of permeability is not very strong. The author uses a lot of pure color layer to improve the brightness of the picture and increase the complement, while also adding the homemade sunlight, the overall effect is very beautiful. Original 1, with a quick mask (not face close-up, select do not need to be too precise) extract the character skin color selection, with a curve to make skin slightly transparent point. 2, th

PS Text Plus stroke method

PS Text Plus stroke method 1, open Photoshop, click "File"-"new" 2, set a good background size and color 3, then click on the tool bar Text Tool 4, enter the text you want 5, then at the layer, right click on the type layer, select "Blending Options" 6, will pop-up window, in the window tick "stroke" 7, set the stroke

Linux memory monitoring: Free command, top, PS

command to view the idle memory of the machine, we will find that the free value is very small. This is mainly because there is such an idea in the Linux system that the memory does not need to be white, so it tries its best to cache and buffer some data to facilitate the next use. But in fact, these memories can also be used immediately. So free memory = free +

10.6 Monitoring IO Performance 10.7 free command 10.8 PS Command 10.9 View network status 10.10 Linux under Grab Bag

DISK read:0.00 b/S | Actual DISK write:0.00 b/STID PRIO USER disk READ disk WRITE swapin io> COMMAND1 BE/4 root 0.00 b/S 0.00 B/s 0.00% 0.00% SYSTEMD--switched-root--system--deserialize 21 Free Free to view memory usage[Email protected] ~]# free-hTotal used free shared buff/cache availablemem:1.8g 530M 1

IO performance, free, PS, view network status, Linux under Grab packet

of processes because grep itself is a process. Four: View network status To print information such as network connection status, ports that are open to the system, routing tables, and so on. Common commands: NETSTAT-LNP print which ports the current system launches Netstat-an Print network connection status Tips: Netstat-an |awk '/^tcp/{++sta[$NF]} END {for (key in STA) print key, "\ T", Sta[key]} ' count the number of processes in all States focus on the number of established V: L

Summary of the use of the PS free transform shortcut keys

In the current layer, perform "edit"-"free transform", or use the PS Free transform shortcut key ctrl+t, there will be a transform control bounding box around. When we use the PS Free transform shortcut key ctrl+t, open the

PS Free transform shortcut keys how to use

In the current layer, perform "edit"-"free transform", or use the PS Free transform shortcut key ctrl+t, there will be a transform control bounding box around. When we use the PS Free transform shortcut key ctrl+t, open the

PS to the new in the shade of the tree plus the atmosphere rays

PS to the new in the shade of the tree plus the atmosphere rays Material pictures of the very atmosphere, the composition is also very in place, but the sky part of the white, the effect is not very ideal. When dealing with the first part of the sky into the light material, and then the main color and dark color of the dark, high light area rendering some of the sun, and finally enhance the character of th

Saves time and effort and saves money! The best free PS plugin

By 2015, Photoshop had been born for 25 years. In 25 years, Photoshop has had a very big impact on the world. We all know that Photoshop is one of the most powerful image processing software, and many PS Plug-ins are able to greatly improve the performance of Photoshop, improve the processing efficiency of Photoshop. This issue of foreign quality translation course will share with you the best free

Monitor IO performance, free command, PS command, view network status, Linux under Grab Bag

, buffer (buff) inside the memory. Formula: Total=used + Free + buff/cache The avaliable contains the free and Buffer/cache remaining portions. PS command PS aux Static display of all processes PS aux |grep nginx View a p

Create the most stylish app photo effects! Free PS Action Download

For a lot of young people who love photo, Instagram is a very popular picture sharing application, and Instagram filter effect is very popular, but it is a pity that domestic users with Instagram is not very smooth. Now near the Spring Festival, I believe that everyone will have a large number of beautiful spring Festival, then how to add Instagram effects and HDR effects for these beauty maps? The simplest way, of course, is to use the Fool filter software, but the effect is generally rough. Fo

Linux Common simple Commands (iii) TAR, SCP, DF/DU, PS, free, top, netstat, tcpdump, kill, Reboot/halt/poweroff, shutdown __linux

; X uses legacy Linux i386 login format to display program status. For example, use PS Aux|grep gwinit_db to view information related to gwiinit_db processes. mas@[/mas/libsrc]$ PS Aux|grep gwiinit_db Mas 7944 0.0 0.0 5180 692 PTS/7 s+ 20:24 0:00 grep gwiinit_db 1.6 Show Memory status (free)Display the memory status of the command:

10.6-10.10 Monitoring IO Performance free Command PS Command View Network Linux under Grab Bag

Tags: io command free command PS command netstat tcpdump seven weeks two sessions (March 20)10.6 Monitoring IO Performance10.7 Free Command10.8 PS Command10.9 Viewing network status10.10 Linux under Grab bag Extended TCP three-time handshake four times wave several usag

Photoshop CS5 free download ps cs5 Chinese version download

use graphics processing power to speed up the codec and playback of high-definition video, of course not all graphics cards, due to the prior agreement with NVIDIA, Mercury only supports NVIDIA graphics cards. Another highlight of PS CS5 is the addition of a new software flash Catalyst, which will be used as another option for flash for designers and artists to challenge Microsoft Expression Studio. Photoshop CS5 brings a whole new set of advanced f

Linux system daily management 1 W,VMSTAT,TOP,SAR,FREE,PS monitoring command

buffers;MEM (cached) system allocated but not used cacheBuffers/cache (used): actual use of buffers and cache total, but also the actual use of memory, Buffers/cache (free): unused buffers and cache and unallocated memory of the sum, This is the current actual memory available to the systemThe buffers is about to be written to the disk, and the cache is read from the disk.Six, PS View system processPS aux/

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