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PDFCreator: a free and open-source PDF (Tiff, pcx, png, jpeg, bmp, PS, and EPS) printer (VB, GPL) with COM interfaces, easy to call using various programming languages

1. free, open-source (GPL), and VB source code and multiple pre-compiled versions; 2. Support for output in multiple formats, not only PDF, but also Tiff, pcx, png, jpeg, bmp, PS, and EPS; 3. multi-language support (poor Chinese translation ); 4. Added support for the AMD64 chip; 5. Provides the COM interface and supports programming calls in multiple languages (demos in multiple languages are provided ); 6

Value thousand-yuan PS technology free learning for more sharing

layer (CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N), and then stamp toSee Layer (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E),2. Enter the channel, copy the contrastthan the strong green channel, then the contrast increased, white to white, black to black, or with a brush (stackedplus mode) CTRL + Green channel copy, extract selection3. Drag the sky material in to create a Mongolianversion, wipe out characters4. Create layers, soft light mode, make the sky look good,5. Do the waterreflection, Ctrl+t vertical Flip, create a mask, with a brush to dr

Photoshop free conversion tool to create a fractal Graph Tutorial-PS tutorial

Fragment is a phenomenon, image, or physical process with self-similar characteristics. Each component is similar to the overall feature, but only decreases. There are a lot of applications of fragment graphics in poster design and illustration fields, which often produce amazing results. Most people will use computing software to make these self-similar gradually reduced graphics, and our fractal is a phenomenon with self-similar characteristics, images or physical processes. Each component is

How to free PS make nine Sudoku

Custom Shape tool There is a nine Bongtu, if not on the append can be displayed. No ruler, no size freehand drawing Nine Sudoku Method: Brush Tip 2 to 3 pixels (one visible) hold down the SHIFT key and click on the top left corner of the canvas and then click the mouse in the lower right corner to get a diagonal line, in the same way, draw a slash in the upper right corner to the lower left corner, and get two x intersection lines. Move the mouse over the intersection, hold down SHIFT and dra

PS Master Free later class color beauty

scenes. Green Comfortable, energetic and safe. Green tones are generally used to express natural landscapes. Blue Cooling, relaxing, shrinking. Blue is generally used to perform cold, such as winter. Blue can also give people a sense of relaxation, Japanese photography has a wider use. Purple Elegance, romance, mystery. Purple is rare in nature, so it is called noble, mysterious color. In photography, purple is generally used to show the beauty of women's maturity.   Common Color Adjustm

Draw a "flower" using the free transformation of PS"

Steps:1. Open PS, create a blank document, select "polygon tool" in the left-side toolbar, and set the variable to "3" in the property bar"2. Draw a triangle in the document to fill in the color;3. Use the path direct tool, select the image, and press and hold the "Alt + Ctrl + T" key to move the center to the midpoint below;4. In the attribute column, set the angle to 30 degrees;5. Press and hold the "Alt + Ctr

Photoshop plugin free Download: PS plugin related to web design

Photoshop is a very important and powerful tool used by Web designers to make web designers work efficiently and conveniently, as well as provide practical technology for designers ' unrestrained imagination. After the design of our web designer, we need to convert it into a Web Form file, generate HTML and CSS, but there is no such efficient function in Photoshop, but fortunately we can use plug-ins to achieve it. The Photoshop plugin can expand our Photoshop infrastructure to make him more pow

45 photoshop action Free download simple processing personalized photos-PS tutorial

The action of Photoshop increases efficiency by automating designers and photographers. There are countless actions available for free download. we have selected 45 action photos to process personalized images. Photoshop Action 15 Foliage Action Pack 2 Photoshop Actions 11 Polaroid Generator 2 Fearless Action Photoshop Color Actions 2 Photo Coloring 11.2 Black and White Sepia Action Blue Action Diabolic Cross Processing 300 Ac

Differences between ps aux, ps-aux, and ps-ef in Linux:-aux-ef

Differences between ps aux, ps-aux, and ps-ef in Linux:-aux-ef The ps command in Linux is short for Process Status. The ps command is used to list the processes currently running in the system. The ps command lists the snapshots o

Opensource free is free rather than free

On csdn, I saw a new model of open-source news software: free software is not free. This concept is always described as "free", but not the true meaning of the word "free.Open source originated from free software ". This is also the first time most people hear the phrase "Free

Ps how to combine two images into one illustration PS how to combine two images-ps tutorial

How can we merge two images and one image? I will share with you the method of combining the two images with PS. I believe you will like many people who wish to design their own signatures, however, to create a signature file, you often need to use ps to synthesize images. Here, let's take a look at how to use ps to merge two images into one. Method/step Use

Ps: how to use the PS path in the sixth lesson for beginners-ps tutorial

in WEB plotting, is very useful. How to create a simple triangle in PS? In versions earlier than Photoshop 6.0, it is troublesome to draw polygon such as triangles and pentagram. In previous versions, you can draw a triangle like this: first draw a rectangle, then edit-free transform-perspective, and there will be eight small rectangles. drag the top right small rectangle to the center, to the middle. In P

How to use the ps pen tool in the ps Pen Tool Group-ps tutorial

The following describes how to use the ps pen tool group? Let's get to know this photoshop pen tool. We know that photoshop is the most common bitmap drawing tool and one of the most widely used tools. Many netizens use photoshop to draw and process some images. but when it comes to photoshop's ability to draw vector images, many people think it is better to use the CDR software. It is really better to use CDR to draw vector graphics, but photoshop al

Free to build their own personal website, free domain name, free space, FTP, database and so on, one can not less, no money, but also so capricious

As a program ape, have their own personal site, is a very hard thing ~ ~ As to the advantages of personal website? That is a lot of said are not finished AH ~ ~ For example we can put their own works, show their style, put their own pictures of the goddess (goddess see what will happen, think of it, haha) ... (⊙o⊙), the most important thing is to be able to do whatever you can, of course, within the bounds of law and morals. Pulled far, the following began to get to the point, say how we set up

Free space for free reasons _ other Free

One, free space trader's trick Why does the space business now have to launch free space, as the name suggests, is to attract more people to buy their pay space. The General Chamber of Commerce to provide you with a relatively small space, generally are in 100m to 1G range, free space small point, do not give you limit the number of IIS, large space, it will be

Free domain, free space, free network and other good station large collection

1, free dynamic Domain name application Net Shell stepHttp:// Free online diskHttp://'s too fast.Http://www.2shared.comHttp://www.easy-share.comHttp://www.badongo.comHttp://uploading.comHttp://multi-up.comHttp://www.general-search.comHttp:// serio

Free space for ASP, PHP free space,. NET free space

ASP Tutorials free space, free space for PHP tutorials,. NET tutorials free space China 8U offers free space, is currently the best dynamic free space in the country, including free space for ASP, PHP

Dream Network to provide you free 50M ASP free space _ Free FTP space

Dream Network to provide 50M free space applications, instant application Open, Space support ASP, ACCESS, dynamic components, and so on, support FTP upload management, space is suitable for no web design based on users and personal website use! There is a need for netizens to see! Application steps:1, open:, please fill in the form request, especially the mailbox, must write commonly used, the corr

Free Build station, come on, get a free space domain free build station come on

Premium Station Package Perpetual Free Edition {per person limited to one}The following is a configurationSpace size 100MFree website address: Station + Mobile station + app GenerationLanguage: Simplified Chinesefunction ModuleText ManagementImage ManagementGraphic ManagementVideo featuresNavigation barBannerShopping CartSlidewebsite EditModule Free DragFree scali

QQ Fly FREE home to provide you with 100M free ASP Space Services _ Free ASP space

QQ Fly FREE home to provide you with 100M free space services, there are static FTP space and ASP space two kinds. Instant application on the open, Space support HTML, ASP, FSO, access, etc., support ftp/web upload management mode. The space is self-service instant application opened, please do not maliciously repeated excessive application of multiple space! Just opened is static space need to contact web

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