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GNU loose Public License (lgpl)

Statement! This is an informal Chinese Translation of GNU's loose Public License. It is not released by the Free Software Foundation and cannot be applied to software using GNU lgpl-only the version of GNU lgpl in the original English version.

GPL (GNU General Public License)

GPL declaration! This is an informal Chinese Translation of GNU General Public Authorization. It is not published by the Free Software Foundation, nor is it a statutory release term for software that uses the GNU General Public License-only a

GNUGPL--GNU General Public License

GNUGPL--GNU General Public License-Linux Release Technology-Debian information, which is read below for details. Gnu gpl -- GNU General Public License 1991.6 Second Edition Copyright (C) 1989,1991 Free Software foundation, Inc.675 Mass Ave,

[Term] GPL General Public License from: LinuxAid)

Gnu gpl -- GNU General Public License 1991.6 Second Edition Copyright (C) 1989,1991 Free Software foundation, Inc.675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, mao00009, USA allows everyone to copy and publish copies of the original document of this License, but it

Not only open source, but also free for enterprise applications! Extaspnet discards GPL V2 and embraces Apache license 2.0

ArticleDirectory Extjs open source license Raise Questions Extaspnet since open source, has always adhered to the principle of open source free, but its GPL v2 protocol also makes some developers feel embarrassed, for example,

GNU General Public License (GPL)

GNU General Public License (GPL) The following is a copy of the original documentation of the Free Software Foundation GNU General Public License. LinuxAs a system and a large number of software related to it are developed and released under the

Introduction to open source software license agreement

Document directory What is a software license agreement? GNU General Public License BSD license agreement MIT License Agreement Apache License Agreement Creative Commons Knowledge Sharing Protocol Open source software license agreement

Introduction to open source software license agreement

Original English:A short guide to open-source and similar licenses Many software developers and designers have the idea of making their software works open-source. They want others to share their work and use their work. The reason why open-source

Mobile license plate Recognition SDK Integration for manual entry-free

license plate Recognition has become one of the key work of traffic vehicle management, at present, mobile license plate recognition in China's police service, parking lot handheld charging machine, such as mobile terminals of the use of more

[Reprint] A picture to understand the Open Source License Agreement, open Source license GPL, BSD, MIT, Mozilla, Apache and LGPL differences

This article was reproduced from: source licenses The difference between GPL, BSD, MIT, Mozilla, Apache, and LGPLFirst borrow a fairly straightforward diagram of the people who are

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