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iOS streaming media Live whole framework introduction (HLS, RTSP)

First, HTTP (WebService) Progressive download based on HTTP progressive download streaming media playback is only based on the full download after the playback mode has made some minor improvements. Unlike download playback mode, which must wait

Architecture for Youku, YouTube, Twitter and justintv several video sites

Youku Video Site ArchitectureI. Overview of basic data of the websiteAccording to 2010 statistics, Youku daily average number of independent visitors (UV) reached 89 million, daily average visit (PV) is reached 1.7 billion, Youku with this data to

Open Source network Communication Library Reference

Sockets TCP/IP communication LibraryC + + Sockets LibraryThis is a GPL licensed C + + class library wrapping the Berkeley sockets C API, and therefore works on most unixes and also Win32. The library is in use with a number of real world

Foreign free Space Application address

Free hosting: Disk Storage: MB Host extra domain: none 1 US dollar domain name: none Free drag and Drop site construction: there are no Support International Domain name: No Pop3/imap Email Account: 0 Performance Venue Transfer (monthly): 5

Free space: Free dynamic Web space [php ASP. NET]

The following several free space have, PHP space, asp,net space HTML, etc., support you database MSSQL, MySQL access Space size: 100MIIS concurrency Number: 50Original Price: 50 Yuan/yearCurrent: 0 yuan/yearApplication Opening: Open immediatelyHost

Learning Silverlight 2 Series (34)

Hosting Silverlight applications with Silverlight streaming Overview Silverlight Steaming is a free video in the Microsoft Live platform and a product for hosting Silverlight applications. At this year's MIX08 conference, Microsoft released the

Introduction to Bluetooth protocol stack (bluetooth® stack)

1 Preface This article simply introduces the Bluetooth protocol stack, including the HCI layer, ACL link, L2CAP layer, SDP service and several common profiles that let beginners of the Bluetooth protocol stackAn overall framework for the entire

Real-time Transport Protocol Introduction: RTP protocol Introduction, RTCP protocol Introduction, RTSP protocol Introduction (ZZ) RTP (Real time Transport Protocol) RTP is a transport protocol for multimedia traffic on the Internet that is published by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) as RFC1889 . RTP is defined

RADVISION launches iOS-based SCOPIA Mobile V3 Comprehensive Report] RADVISION Ltd recently announced that SCOPIA Mobile V3 can be downloaded free of charge through the Apple App store. SCOPIA Mobile V3 is the first standard-protocol-based Mobile video application in the industry. It

Adobe said: Google is the only competitor _it industry

Adobe has a clear lead in the so-called authoring software market, including image editing, Web page design, and typesetting tools. People no longer think that the software packages developed by big companies are the best, and more and more free

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