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Build a home network world with FreeBSD

With the popularization and upgrading of computers, more and more families already have several computers, and more families are surfing the Internet. As a result, several computers often want to access the Internet at the same time, in this case,

What the FreeBSD system administrator should know

1. FreeBSD can directly use the command to generate a class, such as upgrading freebsd8.0 to freebsd8.1. Directly in FreeBSD command line mode, enter the following command sudo freebsd-update -r 8.1-RELEASE upgrade Enter the prompt in the

Building secure Web servers under FreeBSD (1)

Preface When we run the Web server, we may all agree that it is a good choice to use linux+mysql+apache+php whole open source system, but I personally think it is unreasonable, first of all according to your application to think you use what service.

Build a high-performance enterprise-level gateway and proxy server under FreeBSD

Build a high-performance enterprise-level gateway and proxy server under FreeBSD FreeBSD + PF + squid 1. kernel Compilation To make FreeBSD a shared Internet server, we also need to compile a new kernel. (1) Compile the Kernel configuration

Build Secure Web servers under FreeBSD

Article Title: Build a secure Web server under FreeBSD. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open

[FreeBSD] Apache + MySQL + PHP + mod

[FreeBSD] ApacheMySQLPHPmod_fastcgiApache Security installing 1cdusrportswwwmod_fastcgi2makeinstallcleanMySQL installing 1cdusrportsdatabasesmysql51-server2make-DWIT [FreeBSD] Apache MySQL PHP mod_fastcgi Apache Security 1 cd/usr/ports/www/apache22 2

Compare and test the performance of Nginx static files in FreeBSD and Linux

Recently, I am preparing to change the VPS. If VPS supports FreeBSD, I plan to try it. If you want to know the differences between it and linux performance, you can find some articles on the Internet. Many articles have mentioned that FreeBSD is

Build secure Web servers under FreeBSD

: Directory: Preface 1. installation of system and service programs 1. system installation 2. service program installation 2. system security settings 1. user control 2. file Access Control 3. system Service and Port Control 4. log management and

FreeBSD + Nginx + FastCGI PHP + MySQL Server

I heard that Nginx is very strong. The company's O & M team mentioned Nginx. Today, I manually reinstalled my server. The server system still uses FreeBSD, and the new version 7.2 is used this time.Required software:Nginx 0.6.38Spawn-fcgi-1.6.0Php5-5

Test data of PostgreSQL running on FreeBSD and Linux

Test data of PostgreSQL running on FreeBSD and Linux This afternoon I wanted to test DragonFly dports. I suddenly wondered why I didn't compare the performance difference between PostgreSQL in BSD and Linux. For this reason, I set some standards to

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