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12 Web sites for learning programming

1. CodeacademyOne of the most popular learning programming sites is codeacademy. In fact, over 24 million people have learned how to program through the fascinating experience of this educational company, and in Codeacademy, you can learn more about Htmlcss, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Python to Ruby for everything.Related reading: Want to get your business up to a new level? To improve your marketing and

10 programmer-oriented online programming sites

Over the past few years, there have been many online programming sites (Coding playgrounds) available for developers on the Internet. This is not a bad thing, after all, if a programming site, developers will be bored sooner or later. On these sites, you write code on the Web page to see the effect in real time. You ca

Interesting and practical collection of programming sites

ObjectiveThis article is a collection of interesting and useful programming-related sites that I've collected from various parts of the Internet, listing the citations as much as possible (ongoing collection ...)List1. Hello World EncyclopediaA collection of Hello World programs written in various languages2.Font AwesomeContains a large number of open source and free web icons3.IT ebooksIt related ebook, av

Use ASP programming to control the creation of web sites in IIS)

Use ASP programming to control the creation of web sites in IIS ''************************************** *****************''Create a webserver''Required parameter: wroot, which is the physical directory of the site to be created; wcomment is the site description; wport is the site port; serverrun is the automatic operation''1 is returned when the site is successfully created, 0 is returned when the site fai

Introducing online programming and compiling sites

Online programming website provides compilers, execution environments for various languages. The complexity of the installation configuration of the client can be greatly simplified. Real-time programming purposes;Of course, it is also a good idea to assume that you want to use the computing resources of these machines.Supported languages include: Ada (Gnat)

Android Network programming uses HttpClient to access Web sites

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