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99 sites that a designer must know

99 designers must know the site, are very good, outside the country, this article is worth collecting. The 1 spunk United is a very good magazine, with an exclusive interview with the world's top designers, inspiration and articles. 2 Freelance

WEBJX Collection of 100 design-class websites for designers ' reference

Whether you are a web designer, graphic designer, programmer, FLASH developer, the following foreign sites are worth searching and retaining, as these sites cover design, web design, graphic design, website development, Flash/flex, design resources,

Design Reference: 100 excellent overseas design and development website

100 excellent foreign design and development sites, including web design, graphic design, Flash and flex, design resources, such as website recommendations. Common Design Website Spunk United is a very good magazine, which offers an

8 design mistakes that developers often make

Designers are complaining that developers don't respect web standards, and background developers are complaining about why you can't add a space. PM is complaining about why the project is always postponed because of seemingly simple problems ...

is PHP studious?

is PHP studious? In fact, compared with other languages, just PHP and C language compared to a lot simpler, and the threshold of learning PHP is not high, only need to set up a good server environment can be programmed, a piece of code can also be

Is the programmer worth so much?

The documentary "Shoro's Dream" (Jiro Dreams's sushi,2011) had a very bull scene----The world's most famous sushi chef turned to his son (going to open his own restaurant) and said, "You're homeless." In the face of this, when you think about it,

Part 1: use the new zip Extension

/* Link from: * Author profile: Tracy Peterson (, freelance writer, Consultant. From * Since 1997, Tracy Peterson has been an IT project manager and Web developer. *

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