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Back up the time Machine on the Mac to the FreeNAS

The time Machine on the Mac is good, but it's troublesome to use a removable hard disk for every backup. If there are more than one Mac can you put everyone's time Machine unified Backup to the cloud or a local area network on a server it? Most of our labs are using Macs, and now we need a backup solution. Google, found that this use of time Machine

Use receivemule under freenas

Zookeeper tool: 1. Host or reset the host(1). Pentium II and above to the kernel Core(2). Ram MB or more(3). Install HDD 512mb ~ 1g, or an SD card, CF card, or a private dish can also be installed. (The host board must be used to enable the host.(4). Use HDD (use ephemeral HDD for use. Currently, 500 GB * 4 Gbit/s is used as softraid 5 outside China.(5). RJ-45 network card a small2. One piece of CD-RW wonton3. Download The freenas ISO repository.

Openfiler and freenas tutorial

Use of openfiler [Image and text] openfiler application (5) AD authentication for accounts Http:// Id = 838 cid = 65 [Image and text] openfiler application (4) FTP and quota Http:// Id = 835 cid = 65 [Image and text] openfiler application (iii) accounts Http:// Id = 831 cid = 65 [Image and text] openfiler application (2) SMB/CIFS Server Http:// Id = 830 cid = 65 [Image and text] openfiler application

Linux Server-FreeNAS Server

Article Title: A Preliminary Study on linux Server-FreeNAS server. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. (Original article: ...... 06. shtml? Tid = 69) FreeNAS is an open-source NAS server that converts a common PC to net

Suzhou freenas+esxi5 Data Recovery case

UnitA network company in Suzhou"Physical and logical storage"The company uses an inexpensive storage model that uses iSCSI to achieve FC San functionality.The physical storage architecture is on a DELL server, using FreeNAS for ISCSI, and then using two Dell servers to do the ESXi5.0 virtualization system.FreeNAS layer for the UFS2 file system, the entire storage to build a sparse mode of file, hanging to ESXi5.0 system.There are 5 virtual machines ru

Some popular Distributed file systems (Hadoop, Lustre, MogileFS, FreeNAS, Fastdfs, Googlefs)

1 , the origin of the story Time passes quickly, and the massive upgrades and tweaks to the last project have been going on for years, but the whole feeling happened yesterday, but the system needs to be expanded again. The expansion of data scale, the complication of operating conditions, the upgrading of the operational security system, there are many content needs to be adjusted, the use of a suitable distributed file system has entered our vision. On the Internet to find some information, bu

Tested freenas and openfiler

Tested freenas and openfiler Freenas is small and fast. Based on FreeBSD. The initial logon name of the Web management interface is admin and the password is freenas.Openfiler is based on Linux.The file sharing permission settings in the Web Console are not complete. The testing machine is piII 550,128 M memory and 8 GB hard disk. The following error occurs when copying a 1.9g (15000) file to

FreeNAS's user Rights management

Personal feeling FreeNAS dapper, so small occupy space to realize so many functions, really admire the strong open source spirit, but it also caused inconvenience, and function list ... These days beginning to play FreeNAS, originally thought can easily handle user rights management (after all, Nas is not usually a person to use, always consider multi-user rights), and do not want to try AD and LDAP (LAN n

Freenas iSCSI + Cluster (3)

Pan wenle today I will combine the above three: freenas iSCSI + cluste, the experiment will be followed. The sixth step will be detailed about the establishment of the cluste cluster, and finally a simple test using DHCP in Step 7! Build six clusters (1) Now I (1) ----- (4) Step on DC, also need to do on Cy. Install the iSCSI client tool and mount the iSCSI hard disk. It is an installed interface (2) run the client tool, under the discovery directory,

User-managed backup (Consistent backup, non-consistent backup, offline backup, online backup)

1. Back up database Concept: it refers to backing up all data files and control files of the database, and also backing up parameter files and password files. Note: When backing up a database, do not back up redo logs. 1.1 Consistent backup Concept: Database Consistency backup refers to the method for backing up all data files and control files after the database is disabled. When the SHUTDOWN command is u

Oralce cold backup, hot backup, physical backup, logical backup

Cold backup: Cold backup is completed in archive mode. Close Database Back up all data files, initialization parameter files, control files, redo logs, and archived redo logs.Parameter file: Show parameter spfile;Control File: Select * from V $ controlfile;Redo log file: Select * from V $ logfile;Archive log files: Select sequence #, first_time v $ loghist; Hot Bac

Differences Between Differential backup, Incremental backup, and full backup

1. Current mainstream backup technologies Data backup: That is, the data is backed up, the data to be stored is copied directly, or the data is converted to an image and saved on the computer. Such as Ghost and other backup software, CD burning and Mobile Disk Storage. This model is easy to understand and can be divided into two types: file-by-file and image. One

Dump and restore commands for full backup, Incremental backup, and differential backup

Differential backup: Back up data based on full backup. Because the tar command cannot implement differential backup, this article explains how to use the dump and restore commands. Of course, the dump and restore commands can also implement full backup and Incremental backup

Full backup and incremental backup strategy of MySQL database backup recovery

MySQL Tutorial database tutorial full backup and incremental backup strategy for backup recovery Backup strategy One: Copy database files directly (not recommended)Backup strategy Two: Use Mysqlhotcopy backup Database (full

Hot Backup, warm backup, cold backup (hot/warm/cold backup)

1. System Backup Based on the degree of preparation of the backup system, it can be divided into three categories: Cold backup, warm backup and hot backup. 1.1 The cold backup system is not installed or configured to the same or s

SQL Server: Full backup, differential backup or transaction log backup, tail-log backup

Tags: sqlAccident background:suddenly the database is corrupted for no apparent reason, and differential or transaction log backups 3 point will be automatically done, then how to 2 Point to 2 Point + data recovery between the ? this needs to be restored by backing up the tail log. Environment Description:A company has installed aSQL Serverdatabase, in order to ensure that the database can be repaired in the event of a failure, the administrator has done ba

Full backup, differential backup, and incremental backup of the database

The way data is backed up with full backups, differential backups, and incremental backups, what is the difference between these three ways of backing up, and how do you choose them in a specific application? This article gives an introduction to these questions.I. Brief introduction of Backup mode1. Full backupBacks up all selected folders, and does not rely on the archive properties of the files to determine which files to back up. During the

User-managed backups (consistent backup, non-consistent backup, offline backup, online Backup) _ Database Other

1. backing up a databaseConcept: A backup of all data files and control files for a database, as well as the backup of parameter files and password filesNote: Do not back up the redo log when you back up the database.1.1Consistent backupConcept: Database Consistent backup refers to the method of shutting down all data files and control files for a database

Tar Advanced Tutorial: Incremental backup, scheduled backup, network backup

I. OverviewBackup and recovery is critical to system maintenance. Unreasonable backups and restores can put your data at risk of loss. Many users are unaware of this risk when they lose important data. Recovering data from this situation will be time-consuming and difficult. So we should learn from the mistakes of others and make sure that your system is protected. Consider some questions first: When do backups take place? If you can accept one weeks of data loss, then a weekly

Percona xtrabackup backup MySQL full library and specified database (full backup and incremental backup)

Label:Original address: HTTP://WWW.TUICOOL.COM/ARTICLES/RZRNQ2 Xtrabackup Introduction Percona Xtrabackup is open source free MySQL database hot backup software, it can be InnoDB and XTRADB storage Engine database non-blocking backup (for MyISAM backup also need to add a table lock). Xtrabackup supports all Percona servers, MySQL, mariadb, and drizzle. Xtrabackup

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