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Use receivemule under freenas

Zookeeper tool: 1. Host or reset the host(1). Pentium II and above to the kernel Core(2). Ram MB or more(3). Install HDD 512mb ~ 1g, or an SD card, CF card, or a private dish can also be installed. (The host board must be used to enable the host.(4). Use HDD (use ephemeral HDD for use. Currently, 500 GB * 4 Gbit/s is used as softraid 5 outside China.(5). RJ-45 network card a small2. One piece of CD-RW wonton3. Download The freenas ISO repository.

Openfiler and freenas tutorial

Use of openfiler [Image and text] openfiler application (5) AD authentication for accounts Http:// Id = 838 cid = 65 [Image and text] openfiler application (4) FTP and quota Http:// Id = 835 cid = 65 [Image and text] openfiler application (iii) accounts Http:// Id = 831 cid = 65 [Image and text] openfiler application (2) SMB/CIFS Server Http:// Id = 830 cid = 65 [Image and text] openfiler application

Linux Server-FreeNAS Server

Article Title: A Preliminary Study on linux Server-FreeNAS server. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. (Original article: ...... 06. shtml? Tid = 69) FreeNAS is an open-source NAS server that converts a common PC to net

Suzhou freenas+esxi5 Data Recovery case

UnitA network company in Suzhou"Physical and logical storage"The company uses an inexpensive storage model that uses iSCSI to achieve FC San functionality.The physical storage architecture is on a DELL server, using FreeNAS for ISCSI, and then using two Dell servers to do the ESXi5.0 virtualization system.FreeNAS layer for the UFS2 file system, the entire storage to build a sparse mode of file, hanging to ESXi5.0 system.There are 5 virtual machines ru

Back up the time Machine on the Mac to the FreeNAS

The time Machine on the Mac is good, but it's troublesome to use a removable hard disk for every backup. If there are more than one Mac can you put everyone's time Machine unified Backup to the cloud or a local area network on a server it? Most of our labs are using Macs, and now we need a backup solution. Google, found that this use of time Machine backup to the remote computer solution is the most convenient and inexpensive, only need a normal PC can act as a backup server. Apple used its own

Some popular Distributed file systems (Hadoop, Lustre, MogileFS, FreeNAS, Fastdfs, Googlefs)

1 , the origin of the story Time passes quickly, and the massive upgrades and tweaks to the last project have been going on for years, but the whole feeling happened yesterday, but the system needs to be expanded again. The expansion of data scale, the complication of operating conditions, the upgrading of the operational security system, there are many content needs to be adjusted, the use of a suitable distributed file system has entered our vision. On the Internet to find some information, bu

Tested freenas and openfiler

Tested freenas and openfiler Freenas is small and fast. Based on FreeBSD. The initial logon name of the Web management interface is admin and the password is freenas.Openfiler is based on Linux.The file sharing permission settings in the Web Console are not complete. The testing machine is piII 550,128 M memory and 8 GB hard disk. The following error occurs when copying a 1.9g (15000) file to

FreeNAS's user Rights management

Personal feeling FreeNAS dapper, so small occupy space to realize so many functions, really admire the strong open source spirit, but it also caused inconvenience, and function list ... These days beginning to play FreeNAS, originally thought can easily handle user rights management (after all, Nas is not usually a person to use, always consider multi-user rights), and do not want to try AD and LDAP (LAN n

Freenas iSCSI + Cluster (3)

Pan wenle today I will combine the above three: freenas iSCSI + cluste, the experiment will be followed. The sixth step will be detailed about the establishment of the cluste cluster, and finally a simple test using DHCP in Step 7! Build six clusters (1) Now I (1) ----- (4) Step on DC, also need to do on Cy. Install the iSCSI client tool and mount the iSCSI hard disk. It is an installed interface (2) run the client tool, under the discovery directory,

Adsl vpn solution, dynamic IP address VPN

solution will not be guaranteed. Solution 2: wired The cable solution can only deploy single-mode optical fiber cables at a distance of 12 kilometers, which is more time-consuming and costly. You can say you don't have to think about it. Solution 3: Internet + VPN The Internet can be said to be a public wide area network, and many telecom operators have established a four-way and eight-way long-distance network, which makes it possible for our compan

Rd and RT (mpls vpn bgp) RD and RT (mpls vpn bgp)

Rd and RT (mpls vpn bgp) Rd (route-distinguisher) is used to identify different VPN instances on the PE device. Its main function is to achieve address multiplexing between VPN instances. It and the IP address constitute a 12byte vpnv4 address space, rd and the route are carried together in the bgp update message and published to the peer end. On the one hand, we

Comparison of IPSec VPN and ssl vpn technologies

This article compares the IPSec VPN and ssl vpn technologies in detail, so that users from all walks of life can better understand the VPN technology and select the appropriate VPN product. Another VPN implementation technology different from the traditional

XP connection VPN error prompt: VPN connection error 789: L2TP connection attempt failed, because the security layer encountered a processing error during initialization and remote computer negotiation.

What is VPN? The full name of VPN is "Virtual Private Network", which is translated as "Virtual Private Network ". VPN is defined as a temporary and secure connection through a public network (usually the internet). It is a secure and stable tunnel through a chaotic public network. Using this tunnel can encrypt data several times to ensure secure Internet use.

Compile a Python script to configure VPN in batches and a python script vpn tutorial

Compile a Python script to configure VPN in batches and a python script vpn tutorial Origin As we all know, the recent network is not harmonious, the speed is slow, and the VPN is still disconnected. Fortunately, yunti provides a lot of servers for switching, but there are quite a lot of yunti servers, in Linux, Network Manager does not support batch configuratio

Pptp settings and local vpn (and solve the problem that ssh cannot access the remote host under the vpn), pptpssh

Pptp settings and local vpn (and solve the problem that ssh cannot access the remote host under the vpn), pptpssh1. Install pptpSudo apt-get install-y ppp pptpdsudo vim/etc/pptpd. conf modification: option/etc/ppp/pptpd-optionslocalip (local vpn address) remoteip (vpn customer point addres

Using ISA firewall to establish VPN server and dial-in of extranet VPN user

VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual private network, it is simply to use public network link to erect private network, it belongs to remote access technology. VPN server in the current network application is more and more extensive, today I come to you for a brief introduction of the VPN server configuration and users use VPN

WIN8 Cisco VPN 442 Error solution/Error Code 442 Cisco VPN Clinet wit

WIN8 Cisco VPN 442 Error solution/Error Code 442 Cisco VPN Clinet with Windows 8 when you start using win8, because of work needs to use Cisco VPN Client, however, in win8, the Cisco VPN Client reports a 442 Error and cannot be used. The following Error message is displayed: Error Code 442 while connect to

Free VPN, vpn

Free VPN, vpn I will not talk about what VPN does. I will give you a free VPN URL (one-hour VPN). Some of you may know this, but some do not know it, in the spirit of sharing happiness, the bloggers will share with you that cainiao can easily use

Windows 8.1 automatic reconnection of VPN disconnection (used when VPN is used on campus and internet), 8.1vpn

Windows 8.1 automatic reconnection of VPN disconnection (used when VPN is used on campus and internet), 8.1vpn First, right-click my computer, Open Computer Management, select "Task Scheduler", and then click "Create task" Show as shown in, (the bold font must be filled in accurately)Fill in basic information in the "regular" columnName: vpn (whatever)Descript

Install the VPN Server and the VPN Client on UbuntuVPS

This article combines two articles and has personally experienced it. It is very good. We have successfully established a VPN dedicated channel! The whole process is actually very simple. First, repeat the LNMP army brother's method and establish a VPN Server. 1. The full text of Server Installation explains how to create a VPN service on VPS, and how to install

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