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Use receivemule under freenas

Zookeeper tool: 1. Host or reset the host(1). Pentium II and above to the kernel Core(2). Ram MB or more(3). Install HDD 512mb ~ 1g, or an SD card, CF card, or a private dish can also be installed. (The host board must be used to enable the host.(4). Use HDD (use ephemeral HDD for use. Currently, 500 GB * 4 Gbit/s is used as softraid 5 outside China.(5). RJ-45 network card a small2. One piece of CD-RW wonton3. Download The freenas ISO repository.

Solaris zfs Replace the Root Pool Disk (Replace a Disk in the ZFS Root Pool)

Solaris zfs Replace the Root Pool Disk (Replace a Disk in the ZFS Root Pool) in some cases, due to insufficient space or hardware faults, we need to Replace the boot Disk. The redundancy pool (mirrored pool) is relatively simpler than the hard disk in an image pool. You only need to use the replace command to directly replace the hard disk. # Zpool offline rpool upgrade # export ADM-c unconfigure c1: dsk/c1

Translation How-to set up a redundant storage pool with ZFS and Ubuntu

or laptop is broken, I don't have to worry about rescuing data stored on my computer. Because nothing is ever saved in my home such a device.But it's not a good idea to put all the eggs in one basket. So, you have to add redundancy to it to ensure that there are multiple physical backups.ZFS is the answer.Here are two excellent file systems to do this work: ZFS and Btrfs.Btrfs is very new and still in development, so I don't recommend using it.ZFS, o

Zfs-sun's latest File System

Directory: * ZFS Overview* ZFS data integrity and securityO transaction-based write ReplicationEnd-to-End checksum* ZFS scalabilityO 128-bit architectureO dynamic metadataO file system performance* Resources Zfs Overview Sun recently added ZFS to the Solaris 10 06/06 operat

Openfiler and freenas tutorial

Use of openfiler [Image and text] openfiler application (5) AD authentication for accounts Http:// Id = 838 cid = 65 [Image and text] openfiler application (4) FTP and quota Http:// Id = 835 cid = 65 [Image and text] openfiler application (iii) accounts Http:// Id = 831 cid = 65 [Image and text] openfiler application (2) SMB/CIFS Server Http:// Id = 830 cid = 65 [Image and text] openfiler application

Linux Server-FreeNAS Server

Article Title: A Preliminary Study on linux Server-FreeNAS server. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. (Original article: ...... 06. shtml? Tid = 69) FreeNAS is an open-source NAS server that converts a common PC to net

Suzhou freenas+esxi5 Data Recovery case

UnitA network company in Suzhou"Physical and logical storage"The company uses an inexpensive storage model that uses iSCSI to achieve FC San functionality.The physical storage architecture is on a DELL server, using FreeNAS for ISCSI, and then using two Dell servers to do the ESXi5.0 virtualization system.FreeNAS layer for the UFS2 file system, the entire storage to build a sparse mode of file, hanging to ESXi5.0 system.There are 5 virtual machines ru

Back up the time Machine on the Mac to the FreeNAS

The time Machine on the Mac is good, but it's troublesome to use a removable hard disk for every backup. If there are more than one Mac can you put everyone's time Machine unified Backup to the cloud or a local area network on a server it? Most of our labs are using Macs, and now we need a backup solution. Google, found that this use of time Machine backup to the remote computer solution is the most convenient and inexpensive, only need a normal PC can act as a backup server. Apple used its own

Common ZFS commands

1.Create a pool and ZFS File System: . Create a file system and mount it to/export/home.# ZFS create tank/home# ZFS set mountpoint =/export/home tank/home. Create a directory for multiple usersNote: It is automatically mounted under/export/home/{Ahrens, bonwick, billm} due to inheritance.# ZFS create tank/home/Ahrens#

Some popular Distributed file systems (Hadoop, Lustre, MogileFS, FreeNAS, Fastdfs, Googlefs)

1 , the origin of the story Time passes quickly, and the massive upgrades and tweaks to the last project have been going on for years, but the whole feeling happened yesterday, but the system needs to be expanded again. The expansion of data scale, the complication of operating conditions, the upgrading of the operational security system, there are many content needs to be adjusted, the use of a suitable distributed file system has entered our vision. On the Internet to find some information, bu

Establish ZFS highly reliable file storage system in sinox2014

Establish ZFS highly reliable file storage system in sinox2014Hanao sinox2014 can be installed with a relatively small solid state drive, and the file system can be stored in ZFS.Prepare some hard disks, such as three SCSI hard disks: da0, da1, and da2.Start nowAdd the following line to your/etc/rc. conf file.# Echo 'zfs _ enable = "yes" '>/etc/rc. confUse raidz1 to create a zpool named Tank# Zpool create t

Understanding the space used by ZFS -- (convert)

Understanding the space used by zfsby Brian Leonard on Sep 28,201 0 Until recently, I 've been confused and frustrated by the ZFS list output as I try to clear up space on my hard drive. Take this example using a 1 GB zpool: [emailprotected]:~# mkfile 1G /dev/dsk/disk1[emailprotected]:~# zpool create tank disk1[emailprotected]:~# zpool list tankNAME SIZE USED AVAIL CAP HEALTH ALTROOTtank 1016M 73K 1016M 0% ONLINE - Now let's cr

Tested freenas and openfiler

Tested freenas and openfiler Freenas is small and fast. Based on FreeBSD. The initial logon name of the Web management interface is admin and the password is freenas.Openfiler is based on Linux.The file sharing permission settings in the Web Console are not complete. The testing machine is piII 550,128 M memory and 8 GB hard disk. The following error occurs when copying a 1.9g (15000) file to

Use FreeBSD10 to build ZFS-based iSCSI service

Overview I have always strongly recommended ZFS because it is so easy to use. However, it can only run on Oracle's Solaris and FreeBSD systems until now. To share it with other systems, you can only use NAS or SAN. The NAS method is very simple. I have been using Samba for implementation. Of course NFS is also acceptable. I haven't tried SAN before. Of course SAN is better to use, and the network speed is fast enough now. Although NAS and SAN are both

Solaris ZFS File System instance Configuration

ZFS file system is an important feature of Solaris 10. instance configuration allows you to learn more about ZFS file system configurations.1. Solaris disk Basics1. How to view Disks# FormatAvailable disk selections:0. c0d1 /Pci @ 0, 0/pci-ide @ 7, 1/ide @ 1/cm1. c1t0d0 /Pci @ 1976/pci15ad, @ 10/sd @2. c1t1d0 /Pci @ 1976/pci15ad, @ 10/sd @3. c1t2d0 /Pci @ 1976/pci15ad, @ 10/sd @4. c1t3d0 /Pci @ 1976/pci15ad

Your favorite ZFS file system

As a new feature of Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris, ZFS attracts the attention of many in the open source community, and Linux's father, Linus Torvalds, openly represents a particular interest in the Solaris Software's ZFS (zettabyte file system), It is considered that the system manages files in hard disk storage mode, has built-in function spanning multiple hard disks while maintaining data integrity. But acc

Install ZFS in Ubuntu

The following describes how to install a native ZFS File System on Ubuntu/Linux. Test environment: Linux2.6.35-24-generic #42-20.tusmpx86_64gnu/linuxubunubuntu10.10. It is also applicable to Ubuntu10.04. Make sure that the following package build-essentialgawkzlib1g-devuuid-dev is installed without installation, use the command to install: sudoap The following describes how to install a native ZFS File Syst

FreeNAS's user Rights management

Personal feeling FreeNAS dapper, so small occupy space to realize so many functions, really admire the strong open source spirit, but it also caused inconvenience, and function list ... These days beginning to play FreeNAS, originally thought can easily handle user rights management (after all, Nas is not usually a person to use, always consider multi-user rights), and do not want to try AD and LDAP (LAN n

Apple's latest file storage system in the eyes of a ZFS developer APFS

Objective:This article is translated from a blog post that was involved in ZFS file system development, now Delphix company CTO, Adam Levinso (Adam Leventhal): Apfs detailed (Apfs in Detail).The Apfs file system is the latest file system that Apple is preparing to launch in 2017, following hfs+, which, according to existing public information, has many of the advanced features of contemporary other file management systems, which will be the only file

New features of ZFS on ZOS R13

Noun Explanation: Shared file system environment: In the parallel Sysplex environment, z/OS UNIX supports all LPARs users to access the entire file system, which is called a shared file system environment. Owner system (owning system): The Sysplex member of the Mount file system is called the owning system, and the other member is called clients (not owning system). z/OS Distributed Files Service zSeries file System (ZFS) is the filesystem for z/OS

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