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The difference between Apt-get and Yum (RPM)

Generally famous Linux systems are basically divided into two main categories: 1. Redhat series: Redhat, Centos, Fedora and other 2.Debian series: Debian, Ubuntu, etc.RedHat Series1 common installation package format RPM package, the command to

Linux under Php+gd2+freetype+jpeg+png+zlib compilation installation

Event Origin: Discuz Background to open the Chinese code hint said does not support FreeType, but FreeType seems to need GD2 call to take effect.So the installation of GD2, installation of GD2 by the time the installation of Jpeg,png,zlibThe

Linux under compilation GD (Freetype+libjpeg+libpng+gd-devel)

Linux under compilation GD (Freetype+libjpeg+libpng+gd-devel)1. Check whether the FreeType is installedRpm-qa | grep FreeTypeNo words compiled freetype here

Compile GD in Linux (FreeType + libjpeg + libpng + Gd-devel)

1. Check whether FreeType is installed Rpm-Qa | grep FreeType If not, compile FreeType and download it here. ./Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/FreeType Make & make install. 2. Check whether libjpeg is installed. Rpm-Qa | grep libjpeg If not, compile

Compile GD in linux (freetype + libjpeg + libpng + gd-devel)

Compile GD in linux (freetype + libjpeg + libpng + gd-devel)1. Check whether freetype is installedRpm-qa | grep freetypeIf not, compile freetype and download it here../Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/freetype Make & make install.2. Check whether

Linux under compilation GD (Freetype+libjpeg+libpng+gd-devel)

1. Check whether the FreeType is installedRpm-qa | grep FreeTypeNo words compiled freetype here download./configure--prefix=/usr/local/freetypeMake && make install, no flower head 2, check libjpeg install Rpm-qa | grep libjpeg No compile libjpeg

Customized RPM packages for Linux systems

FPM Packaging ToolsFPM's author is Jordansissel.FPM's GITHUB:HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/JORDANSISSEL/FPMThe FPM function is simply to convert one type of package into another type.1. Supported source-type packagesDir packages the directory into the

Tutorials for making PHP rpm packages

Sometimes in order to facilitate the installation of the source package, we need to customize the software package requirements, we will be some source packages according to our needs to make RPM package, when the source package can be directly

Centos6.5 Lamp Environmental Source package installation and configuration, with the installation package Baidu Network disk address

Centos6.5 Lamp Environment Source package installation and configuration HTTP://PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1NVNRUZV installation package Baidu Network disk addressLamp is a Web network application and development environment, is the abbreviation of

PHP rpm Package Tutorial in Linux

Here we start by making PHP rpm to introduce its production methods. The following operations are performed on the CentOS6.6 64-bit system. Install Rpm-build [ sources]# yum-y Install Rpm-build Create a work shop directory [Root@

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