friend function in php example

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PHP Programming notes Sharing

Three ways to get post data from PHP PHP image plus watermark source code One of the simplest examples of Php+ajax+json PHP Chinese Pinyin Source code PHP iterates through directories, generates MD5 values for each file in the directory, and writes

Example Introduction PHP Date function Conversion _php Tutorial

Web site development We often need to deal with the date, time, in PHP provides a lot of date, time function to facilitate the PHP developers to calculate the date, time, format conversion. So it is necessary to master the PHP date function and to

In-depth understanding of PHP operating mode

This article is a detailed analysis of the PHP operating mode introduced, the need for a friend referencePHP operating mode has 4 minutes:1) CGI Universal Gateway Interface (Common Gateway Interface))2) fast-cgi resident (long-live) type CGI3) CLI

LNMP Server Environment Configuration (linux+nginx+mysql+php) _linux

First, IntroductionNginx is a very lightweight HTTP server written by the Russians, Nginx, which is pronounced "engine X" and is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server, as well as a IMAP/POP3/SMTP proxy server. Nginx was developed by the

PHP 3-php uses HHVM to achieve high performance

The boss always wants me to recruit some Java programmer to do ...? He (old person) outside and other camp engineers talk more and will always come to ask me, you always play PHP (framework), But after our website fire, load up ... PHP does not

Interview Question _ PHP Tutorial when a friend applies for a job at Sina Happy Residence

A friend asked questions when he went to Sina happy residence to apply for a job. The following are some of his questions: 1. the following HTML: imgtitleaaaasina_titlebbbb1) use JavaScript to obtain the object ________; 2) use the ________

Pretty rhythm Dear My future PHP's regular processing function summary analysis

Preg_grep (PHP 4, PHP 5) Preg_grep--Returns the array unit that matches the pattern Description Array Preg_grep (string pattern, array input [, int flags]) Preg_grep () returns an array that includes cells in the input array that match the given

PHP implements the "plus" friend drag/drop Group effect _ php instance

This article uses PHP and jQuery to implement the same application of adding groups by dragging friends. The above is all the content in this article. I hope it will help you learn and my examples will be helpful to your social network project. Are

PHP Resource Template--template terminator

templates | terminator "There was a precious template in front of me, I did not cherish, until the others are used, I regret!"If God can give me another chance, I will say three words to this template--I use you. If you want to know how long I use,

PHP command line? Yes, you can

PHP command line? Yes, you can! Use PHP for general purpose scripts and use the command line interface for PHP debugging Learn how to debug PHP code from the command line and experience the power of PHP itself as a shell scripting

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