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Does your little frog really belong to you? | Cloud Fish co-founder Zhenghuajiang: block chain technology will redefine the "game asset" attribution problem

2018 the beginning of the new year, but the block chain this huge stone has undoubtedly been thrown into the internet, and stirred up layers of ripples, causing the people to pay attention to, everyone stared at the block chain, and swing ripples also fluctuate to major industries and personal interests. The stock prices of listed companies on the block chain soared, and even some changed the company name to "block chain company", in order to raise the stock price, want to take the opportunity b

The new block chain game of the etheric square "cloud raises fish" may be more successful than "cloud raises cat"

world. recently, the Etheric Square has a new "cloud culture fish", why said cloud fish farming This project will be more successful than the cloud raises the cat. Cloud Cats currently have the following deficiencies: 1. Lack of gameplay In addition to watching and breeding cats can not have other role, there is no to attract the kryptonite of the PVP elements, resulting in late people lack the impetus to

Big Mouth Fish Game

Design team:066 Ti Zhongxiang048 Li ChunxiaoProject name: Big Mouth Fish PacmanProgramming Language: JavaRequirements: Design a casual game, big mouth fish eat beans. Simple operation, simple introduction and operation method are required.Game Description:Big Mouth fish Game

HTML5 "Love Fish" game Summary

HTML5 "Love Fish" Game Summary catalogue1. Page Setup2. Painting the Blue Ocean3. Draw floating objects with the sea water swinging4. Sea anemone painted with seawater5. Draw the big fish in the static6. Mouse control The big fish swim to7. Add basic animations to big fish (

Rokua-Small fish number game-array

Title DescriptionDescription Small fish was recently asked to participate in a number game, requiring it to see a number of numbers (not necessarily, the length of the 0 end, up to 100), remember and then read it back (meaning the end of the number 0 do not read it out). This is very difficult for the little fish memory, you do not want to think of the whole head

Introduction to the game story of "fish eggs and little fairies"

yixiao 2005 summer Works fish eggs and little fairies game story introduction : Xiaoyuer and huaxiao are two siblings. Jiang Feng, his father, and Hua yuenu, the niece of the zhuhua Palace, ran away. During the creation of yuenu, the owner of the monitsu Jiangfeng invited them to find and kill them. One of the babies raised in the invitation month is not missing, and

Annual Fish Game Android source project

The specific functions are as follows:Welcome to the animation interface, the game run after the first entry into the interface.Menu selection, the game also need to design a menu interface, menu interface is the first impression of the game, menu interface aesthetics or not, directly determine the success and failure of the game.The sound effects of the

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