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FTP-------Application Layer protocol

FTP is the abbreviation for file Transfer Protocol (document Transfer Protocol), and Chinese is called "Interfax protocol". Used for two-way transmission of control files on the Internet. At the same time, it is also an application (application).

Building an efficient FTP server with Linux

In many network applications, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) has a very important position. A very important resource in the Internet is software resources, and most of the various software resources are placed in the FTP server. Like most Internet

Principles and commands of FTP

FTP description: FTP is short for file transfer protocol. It refers to the file transfer protocol. The main function is to complete the file copy from one system to another. Like HTTP, HTTP is a widely used protocol on the Internet. The FTP protocol

Linux overview-FTP server configuration and management

The full name of FTP is File Transfer Protocol (File Transfer Protocol Is the protocol used to transmit files. it works on the Seventh Layer of the OSI model, that is, the application layer, using TCP transmission instead of UDP. in this way, the

Linux Miscellaneous (14): ftp enterprise application-level configuration (1)

1 ftp introduction (1) ftp in life we need to transmit data on the Internet, especially large data. There is a service that focuses on: 1. ftp introduction (1) ftp in life In the Internet, we need to transmit data, especially large data. One

BAT Script processing FTP super-strong case Analysis _dos/bat

Objective: The company has hundreds of Windows servers, every time the program is updated, if it is a table copy data, I am afraid to arrange 10 people, one day is not necessarily done, so it is necessary to study a full automatic update scheme, so

Linux Miscellaneous (14): ftp enterprise application-level configuration (1)

1. ftp Overview(1) ftp in lifeIn the Internet, we need to transmit data, especially large data. One Service focuses on ftp. In fact, we used to contact it very early. But we may not be very concerned about it. The basic model of thunder is ftp, but

FTP transmission principle (enhanced, advanced) Keyword: fxp rent Stor

Control CHannel: the control channel is used to communicate with the FTP server. The control channel is used to connect to FTP and send FTP commands. Data Channel: data channel is a channel for file transfer or list with the FTP server. You may ask

Serv-u: Fast build powerful FTP server

Serv-u: Fast build powerful FTP server The rapid development of the Internet provides people with unprecedented information resources, and more and more people want to have their own online home when they enjoy the new experience brought by the

Configure the ftp server and the linuxftp server in Linux

Configure the ftp server and the linuxftp server in Linux 1. Run the rpm-qa | grep vsftpd command to check whether the ftp has been installed. If ftp is not installed, run yum-y install vsftpd to install it. (use apt-get install vsftpd in

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