ftp mget recursive

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Shell operation Typical case--ftp operation

Downloading files from an FTP server or uploading files to an FTP server is one of the more common scenarios in a production environment.How the shell works with FTP is organized as follows:Idea one: Using a shell to invoke clients such as FTPFTP,

Linux System FTP command

Let's start with a simple FTP download script.Ftp-i-nOpen ETL ETLCd/etlfile/ftpfileLcd/etlfile/getfileBinaryPromptMget *PromptCloseByeEofFTP Installation section, the following steps:You can install FTP directly using the Yum command#

[Arrangement] Linux FTP client lftp usage

1. In one breath$ Lftp (ftp: //) User: password @ site: PortIt is usually used for the off-the-shelf links provided on web pages or BBs. The disadvantage is that the password is displayed as a plain text. We recommend that you input it in a dark

Several methods of downloading FTP files in Linux __linux

One, the simplest method: wget The following command is used to download all files in the specified directory on the FTP server wget ftp://ip:port/*--ftp-user=xxx--ftp-password=xxx-rThe-r parameter represents a recursive download; You can

VSFTPD most detailed configuration file

VSFTPD as a flagship secure FTP server, there are a number of options set. The configuration file list for vsftpd is described below, and all configurations are based on the vsftpd.conf configuration file. This article will provide a complete

The most detailed vsftpd configuration file in history _ftp server

VSFTPD as a flagship secure FTP server, there are a number of options settings. The following is a list of vsftpd profiles, all of which are based on the vsftpd.conf configuration file. This article will provide a complete vsftpd.conf Chinese

"Go" Samba configuration file detailed

First, the customer order: 1. smbclientThe smbclient command is used to access resources on a remote samba server, and its interface is still text-like, in command form and FTP.The syntax of the smbclient command is:Smbclient [Password]

Network client tools in linux

For example, in the windows operating system, when accessing the FTP site, we can use ftp client software such as flashfXP and filezilla to access the WEB server, and we use browsers such as IE and firefox. In linux, how do we access an FTP site and

Linux File Transfer (1)

The common format of the ftpftp command is as follows: $ ftp host name/IP. the host name/IP address is the host name or IP address of the remote machine to be connected. In the command line, the host name is optional. if the host name is specified,

Psftp usage, psftp

Psftp usage, psftp Start PSFTP Enter Set PATH = C: \ PSFTP.exe PATH; % PATH % Then, use psftp to log on to the server. Ps ftp username@server.example.com You can also run psftp.exe directly and the following message appears in the command

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