function overloading example

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Definition and Summary of C + + main operator overloading

The operands of predefined operators in C + + can only be basic data types, and in fact, for many user-defined types, similar operations are Required. For example:Class Complex{PublicComplex (double r=0.0,double i=0.0) {real=r;imag=i;}void Display ()

function overloading for C + + (GO)

The importance of function overloading is not clear, but you know how function overloading is implemented in C + + (although this article is about the implementation of function overloading in C + +, I think other languages are similar)? This can be

C + + Primer learning note _28_ operator overloading and conversion (3)--overloading of member functions, overriding and hiding

C + + Primer learning note _28_ operator overloading and conversion (3)--overloading of member functions, overriding and hiding, type conversion operators, * operator overloading, operator overloadingoverloading, overwriting and hiding of member

Summary of C + + review essentials seven-operator overloading

Operator overloading The so-called overloading, is to re-give new meaning. A function overload is a function that assigns a new meaning to an existing function, enabling it to implement new functionality, so that a function name can be used to

Deep parsing of operator overloading _c language in C + + programming

The operations object of a predefined operator in C + + can only be a basic data type, and in fact, a similar operation is required for many user-defined types. For example: Class Complex {public : complex (double r=0.0,double i=0.0)

Operator overloading operator

Found a good article:Reproduced:This paper mainly summarizes the operator overloading and C + + operator overloading summary from C + +.What is operator overloadingOperator overloading is to give multiple meanings to existing operators, causing

Operator Overloading in C ++

Operator Overloading in C ++ 1. What is Operator overload? Operator overloading can be divided into two parts: "operator" and "overload ". When it comes to overloading, it should be no stranger. This is a kind of polymorphism during compilation. In

4.5 C + + overloading, overwriting, and masking

Reference: function signature includes the number, order, and parameter data types of the function names and functions parameters.It is important to note that the function signature does not

WCF distributed development step for Win (5) service contract and Operation overloading

Following the previous section of WCF distributed development step for win series (4): WCF Service Reliability transport configuration and programming development, this section we continue to learn the WCF distributed development step for Win

C + +-operator overloading

First, what is operator overloadingOperator overloading can be divided into two parts: "Operator" and "overloaded". When it comes to overloading, this is a compile-time polymorphic, and overloads can actually be broken down into function overloads

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