functions of windows operating system

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Operating system Daquan

Operating system An operating system is a collection of system software that manages the hardware resources of a computer, controls the operation of other programs, and provides the user with an interactive interface. The operating system is a key

Operating system Overview-Summary of the operating system

I. Basic concepts of the Operating System 1. Computer System Resources In computer systems, there are two types of resources: hardware resources and software resources. Software resources are the soul of computers, mainly including various programs

Basics of operating System fundamentals

Operating system principle we deal with the operating system every day, it is absolutely necessary to understand some operating system theory, it can let you understand how the operating system is working, why there is such a problem, for us to

Operating System Concepts of excellent courseware notes (Part II)

1. The content of this article comes from courseware and student notes of famous universities (on campus, I often see someone buying notes at high prices)2. The instructor does not provide references, so he can only express his gratitude to the

Real-time system or timeshare operating system

Whether Linux is a real-time system or a timeshare operating systemHttp:// Real-time operating system definitionA real-time operating system (RTOS) is when external events or data are generated that can accept

In-depth analysis of Windows operating system Reading Notes (2)

Design goals set by the Windows NT design team at the beginning of the project: Scalability. After the market demand changes, we can freely increase and change. Portability. It must be able to run on a variety of hardware architectures. After a

How to install the Linux operating system on a computer that has a Windows operating system installed __linux

"original" How to install the Linux operating system on a computer with a Windows operating system installedOne thing you have to know I believe most personal computers in China have Windows installed when they buy them, and everyone is used to

Operating system principle and Operating System Concept

Operating system principle and Operating System ConceptOperating System Principle We deal with the operating system every day. It is absolutely necessary to understand the operating system principles. It helps you understand how the operating system

In-depth analysis of Windows operating system (fifth edition)-Chapter 1

Document directory Windows API About. net History of Win32 APIs Services, functions, and routines Chapter 1 concepts and tools In this chapter, we will introduce concepts and vocabulary about Microsoft Windows operating systems, for example,

[Reprinted] transplantation of the embedded operating system Windows CE. net on the S3C2410 Platform

ArticleHttp:// /? Uid-816-action-viewspace-itemid-1900 Because of the environment requirements of the embedded system, the embedded operating system generally needs to provide the addition or reduction of the kernel and other functions,

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