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Characteristics Comparison of ISTQB, QAI, and software testing certification by software reviewers

certification. Different certificates require different knowledge, different social recognition, and different examination methods. To help students understand the types and features of influential Software Test certifications at home and abroad, I chose "ISTQB" based on relevant materials ", "QAI" and "software reviewer" are compared and analyzed. Authentication NameClassification features ISTQB

[Software Testing Fundamentals 2] Automated testing based on selenium

//Get the first Sheet table Sheet readsheet = readwb.getsheet (0); Gets the total number of columns contained in the sheet table int rscolumns = Readsheet.getcolumns (); Gets the total number of rows contained in the sheet table int rsrows = Readsheet.getrows (); Gets the object reference for the specified cell for (int i = 0; I Third, experienceThrough this experiment we learned how to use the Selenium IDE to implement simple automated tests, including the recording

Fundamentals of Software Testing (i)

, Safety test: Test the object of the security protection mechanism to protect the system from illegal intrusion, to accept the correct authorization of the operation;4, Compatibility test: Verify the object under test in different operating systems, hardware information, such as the operation of the environment;Nine, software testing methods:1, black box test: Do not pay attention to the internal structure of the object under test, only from the user

Fundamentals of performance Testing (i)

the optimal allocation of the resources of the principle of hardware and software resources to find the configuration principles for tuning or extension to provide a referenceConcurrent testing is the testing of multiple users accessing the same application at the same time, the same module, or whether there is a deadlock or other performance issue in the data record, with special attention to time, can mo

Software Testing Fundamentals (English version) P63 question Seventh

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Fundamentals of Software Testing

Classification of a software test Divided by test phase1) Unit Test2) Integration Testing3) system Testing4) Acceptance Test5) Regression test6) Alpha Test7) Beta testDivided by test method1) white box test2) black box test3) Grey Box test4) performance Test5) Automated Testing6) Compatibility test7) Ease of use testing8) Safety test9) Exploratory Testing10) Random TestSpecific what each test classification specifically said, see

Software Testing Fundamentals (ii) test methods

structure of the program and internal characteristics of the case, in the program interface testing, it only checks whether the program according to the requirements of the specification of the normal use, the program can properly receive input data and produce the correct output information. It is mainly tested for software interface and software function. Black box testing methods mainly include equivale

Python Automation Testing (2)-Fundamentals of automation technology

Python Automation testing (2) Fundamentals of Automation Technology 1 overviewIn the previous article mentioned that: the primary ability to do automation is to look at the essence through the phenomenon , the implementation of the actual it work is to look at the data through the interface .Mastering the above is not an easy thing to do, must have a solid foundation of computer theory, in order to see the

Software Testing Fundamentals (v) test scenarios and test plans

The test plan testing plan, which describes the scope, methods, resources, and progress of the test activity to be carried out in the documentation. It identifies test items, tested features, test tasks, who performs the task, and various possible risks. The test plan can effectively prevent the risk of the plan and ensure the smooth implementation of the plan. In short, the test plan says "what to do".The test scenario describes the characteristics o

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