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Fuzzy matching string _mssql for generating queries in SQL

if exists (SELECT * from dbo.sysobjects WHERE id = object_id (N ' [dbo].[ F_sql] and Xtype in (n ' FN ', n ' IF ', n ' TF ')) Drop function [dbo]. [F_sql] Go if exists (SELECT * from dbo.sysobjects WHERE id = object_id (n ' [ordinal] ') and OBJECTPROPERTY (ID, n ' isusertable ') = 1) drop table [ordinal tables] Go --For efficiency, you need an auxiliary table to match Select Top 1000 id=identity (int,1,1) into ordinal tables From syscolumns A,syscolumns b ALTER TABLE sequence tables add constr

C # string Fuzzy matching recursion

Using Split and recursive Private intSearchstringstrvalue,Char[] SearchChar,intindex) { vartemp =Strvalue.split (Searchchar[index]); varCountt =temp. Count (); if(Countt >1) { ++index; if(temp[0]. Length >0) { if(Index SearchChar. Length) Index= Search (Strvalue.replace (temp[0],""), SearchChar, index); } Else { if(Index SearchChar. Length) Index= Search (temp[1], S

Example of the function of Fuzzy Matching IP addresses using javascript Regular Expressions

This article mainly introduces the function of Fuzzy Matching IP addresses in javascript regular expressions, and demonstrates the implementation of JS Fuzzy Matching IP addresses in combination with simple examples, related Regular Expression identification and

JavaScript Basics -10 JavaScript Regular Expressions (overview, defining Regular, RegExp objects, string methods for pattern matching)

the following properties:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s2.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/7E/2D/wKiom1b4yYrCNX7MAADBzqyT5Hw102.png "title=" Web.png "alt=" Wkiom1b4yyrcnx7maadbzqyt5hw102.png "/>Methods of REGEXP-The RegExp object has the following methods650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/7E/2D/wKiom1b4ydPDDPfLAABw_CEx83U746.png "title=" Web.png "alt=" Wkiom1b4ydpddpflaabw_cex83u746.png "/>Iv. JavaScript

JavaScript Regular expression RegExp, matching string, regular specified character

EXEC () retrieves the specified value in the string, returns a value that is found, and returns null if no match is found: The main regexp pattern matching method is exec (), similar to the match method for the string object described in the previous article. It's just a regexp method that takes a string as a paramete

JavaScript Learning Notes Collation _ basic knowledge of string methods for pattern matching

String method for pattern matching: String supports 4 ways to use regular expressions: Seach () is used to retrieve the parameter is a regular expression, returns the position of the first substring to match, returns-1 if the argument is not a regular expression, first converts it to a regular expression through the Rexexp constructor, and the Seach () method d

Javascript: string method for Pattern Matching

Some methods of string are used to perform pattern matching, retrieval, and replacement operations in regular expressions. String supports four methods using regular expressions: ① Search (): This method uses a regular expression as a parameter to return the starting character position of the first matched substring.If no matched substring exists, it returns-1. F

JavaScript string Matching tool [plugin]

. '); } } /** * iscontainsstring (string,case) * @param string:string resource * @param case:i (case-insentitive): Ignore case , C: (case) does not ignore capitalization **/StringCheckUtil.prototype.isContainsString=function(String, subString, case) {//Verify parameter legality if((Arguments.length! = 3) | | (typeof(string)! = '

Solve the problem that replace only sets the first matching string in JavaScript.

Today, my colleague asked him that when he used replace to process strings on the client side, when the result was found, there was only the first matching string, none in the background. Example: for example, Xiao Miao wants to convert the strings of two AA strings into AA false settings.ArticleThree of them need to be set as follows: In this article, AA sets AA as an Example Compile the program example:

JavaScript string loop Matching instance analysis _javascript techniques

The example in this article describes the method of JavaScript string loop matching. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Using the Exec and String.match methods, the global match G identity must be turned on for exec to get all matches Need to extract this data The wants this article to help you with your

MySQL Fuzzy matching query like,regexp,in

and = similar, the difference is: = followed by a value. In the following can be multiple values. Example 1:select * from role where name in ("Tang three"); that is, match the name "Tang three" row of data;Example 2:select * from role where name in ("Tang Three", "Tang Sanzang"); that is, match the name "Tang Three", "Tang Sanzang" row of data;Example 3:select * from role where name in ("Three", "% runner%"), matching only the name "three" row of dat

Four matching modes of SQL fuzzy query condition

Wangli] Fly ')4,[^] : Represents a single character that is not listed in parentheses. The value is the same as [], but it requires that the matched object be any character other than the specified character.For example SELECT * FROM [user] WHERE u_name like ' [^ Zhang Li Wang] three 'Will find the surname "Zhang", "Li", "Wang" "Zhao Three", "Magozo" and so on;For example SELECT * FROM [user] WHERE u_name like ' old [^1-4] 'Will exclude "old 1" to "Old 4", Looking for "old 5", "Old 6" 、......、

The function _ios of IOS to implement mailbox fuzzy matching

textField.text as our final result. Key code that matches the mailbox process is attached below, and each row has a comment. /** * Matching Mailbox Process * * @param rangerange * @param string user input string */-(void) Configmailmatchingrange: (nsrange) Range Replacementstring: (nsstring*) string {//Get compl

HTML5 Fuzzy matching search box

the later processing, the selected string can be made into a dictionary alternate with the other parameters used for(vari = 0; i ) {Names.push (resultlist[i].name); } returnprocess (names); }, Error:function(Result) {}}); }, Updater:function(item) {Check for future data processing. Item is the selected string,resultkeyandvalue is the alternate Dictionaryrefe

jquery for front-end fuzzy matching and First-letter search

element containing the specified string $("li:contains ('"+Index+"')"). prependto (parent). addclass (' on'); $("p:contains ('"+Index+"')"). Parent (). prependto (parent). addclass (' on'); }); }); Script>Head>Body> Divclass= "searchdiv">I want to search:inputtype= "text"ID= "index"/> ul> Li>Zhengzhou's Man-moP>ZzdwwP>Li> Li>I'm from Xinxiang.P>WlzxxsP>Li> Li>My alma mater is Zhongyu

Four matching patterns of common fuzzy queries in SQL

] WHERE u_name like ' old [^1-4] ';Will exclude "old 1" to "Old 4", Looking for "old 5", "Old 6" 、......5. When the query contains a wildcard characterbecause of the wildcard character, which causes us to query the special characters "%", "_", "[" the statement can not be implemented normally, and the special characters with "[]" can be queried normally . Thus we write the following function:function Sqlencode (str)str=replace (str, "[", "[[]") ' This sentence must be in the topstr=replace (str,

Nspredicate predicate summary array filtering fuzzy matching

Plaincopy Nspredicate *predicate = [nspredicate predicatewithformat:@ "name Beginswith ' N '"]; Name the person with the N [OBJC]View Plaincopy 4. End With XX--endswith" 163702 "Snippet_file_name=" blog_20140120_8_9862346 "name=" code " class=" OBJC ">nspredicate * predicate = [Nspredicate predicatewithformat:@ "name ENDSWITH ' N '"]; Name the person that ends with n 5. Included--Contains[OBJC]View Plaincopy Nspredicate *predicate = [nspredicate

Four matching modes of SQL fuzzy query condition

usage is: SELECT * from Flow_user where regexp_like (username, ' [Zhang Wangli] Fly ')4.[^ ]: Represents a single character that is not listed within the parentheses. The value is the same as [], but it requires that the matched object be any character other than the specified character.For example SELECT * from [user] WHERE u_name like ' [^ Zhang Li Wang] three 'Will find the surname "Zhang", "Li", "Wang" "Zhao Three", "Magozo" and so on;For example SELECT * from [user] WHERE u_name like ' old

Four matching patterns && regular expressions for commonly used fuzzy queries in SQL

Tags: regexp size sql full ACE Blog writing result end When executing a database query, there is a complete query and a fuzzy query.The general fuzzy statement is as follows:SELECT field from table WHERE a field like condition With regard to the conditions, SQL provides four matching modes:1,%: denotes any 0 or more characters . Can match any type and length of c

Using regular expressions to implement intermediate fuzzy matching in Java substitution

Use ". +?" To implement the middle fuzzy matching code: public class Test { public static void main (string[] args) {Stri ng str = always drunk in a moment of retrospect, Wet a soft heart. There will always be a moment to review the time drunk, wet a soft heart =str.replaceall ( always in. +" Fleeting " Span style= "color: #800000;" > ", "

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