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Sendmail mail server application instance for Small Enterprises

I. preparation: Address: assume that the permanent external address of the firewall Linux Server is. b. c. d (eth0), internal NIC address (eth1), machine name: firewall.domain.com, internal email server address:, machine

Linux system iptables Firewall how to set up

Install iptables Firewall If you do not install iptables you need to install first, CentOS execution: Yum Install Iptables Debian/ubuntu Execution: Apt-get Install Iptables On the VPS on the week nine Iptables set to: *nat:P rerouting ACCEPT [7

Automated testing section Tenth---Multithreading, inheritance, List derivation, e-mail

1. List deduction:Example: Generate an odd list of 100 or less"If I is a number, the value I get after the For loop processing is passed through to the numbers list"names=[' Nyy ', ' wxc ', 1234,[' aaa ', ' Danny 'Number=[i for I in range (1,100) if

Introduction to Sendmail mail server configuration in Linux

For details about how to configure Sendmail mail server in Linux, refer to "Linux Enterprise Application"> "Linux server application. 1. First of all, it is critical to set up DNS to enable LINUX to send and receive emails. Without DNS, it is

Reproduced Linux Backdoor finishing collection (pulse recommended)

I'm thinking about getting in touch .... It is forbidden to reprint ....Brief introductionUse Unix/linux's own Bash and Crond to achieve remote control, and keep bouncing off-line to the public network machine.Utilization methodCreate a/etc/xxxx

Useful example of TC Speed Limit

#! /Bin/bashDev = "tun0"Uplink ink = 300# About half of the downstream downlink 3200 K, so as to get more concurrent connectionsDownlink = 2048VIP1 = ""VIP2 = ""# Two VIP usersEcho "===============================

Linux Traffic control

Linux traffic control is in today's Network World, and there may not be many people that TC knows. This article is a reference. Explanations and configuration files recorded in previous studies on TC. Eth1:, internal network port

TC+HTB flow control under Linux

The C rule involves the queue classifier (Class) filter (filter), the filter divided by the flag bit can be used U32 or iptables of the Set-mark to achieve) is generally "control" does not control the Linux two network card, a eth1 is an external

Learn Java's messy notes

1. Local variables: Variables defined in a method, variables defined in a method, variables defined in a For loop, are local variables,In the stack memory to open up a space, the data is used, automatic release.2. What defines a function? (Don't

RedHat6.2 server configuration solution (6): Sendmail

Article Title: RedHat6.2 server configuration solution (6): Sendmail. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open

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